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6 Best Movies Like Under Her Control You Must See

Directed by Fran Torres, ‘Under Her Control’ or ‘La jefa’ (The Boss) is a Netflix Spanish-language thriller film. The story focuses on Beatriz (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón) and Sofía (Cumelén Sanz), two females belonging to greatly various social circles. Beatriz is a self-made millionaire business owner that runs a very successful fashion label, whereas Sofía is an Argentine immigrant that signs up with Beatriz’s firm as an intern. After Sofía conceives, Beatriz, that has actually constantly wished to end up being a mother, offers the other woman that she will certainly take the infant once they are born. Sofían agrees to the proposition and involves cope with Beatriz in her lodge.

Sofía soon uncovers that she is a detainee and not a guest there. If you have actually seen ‘Under Her House’ and liked it, here is a list of suggestions that may fit your preference. You can view a lot of these movies similar to ‘Under Her Control’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

1. Single White Female

In the psychological thriller film ‘Single White Female,’ Allison “Allie” Jones (Bridget Fonda) breaks off her involvement with Sam (Steven Weber) after learning that he ripped off on her and throws him out of the home they share. After producing an ad for a roommate, she satisfies Hedra “Hedy” Carlson (Jennifer Jason Leigh) as well as picks her to be her next roomie. As the two females come to be good friends, disturbing things start to occur in Allie’s life. She specifically ends up being unnerved when Hedy starts duplicating her look. Similar to ‘Under Her Control,’ ‘Single White Female’ discovers complicated mental problems, consisting of borderline personality disorder.

2. The Boy Next Door

‘ The Boy Next Door’ is an American sexual thriller film that informs the story of Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez). After her spouse has an event, Claire divides from him. On the other hand, a young man called Noah Sandborn comes to live beside Claire. Noah’s uncle, that makes use of a mobility device, lives there, as well as Noah apparently wants to assist him. He and also Claire quickly begin a slovenly event, which inevitably turns into an obsession on Noah’s component. Like ‘Under Her Control,’ ‘The Boy Next Door’ discovers motifs such as despair and fascination.

3. Fatal Attraction

Daniel “Dan” Gallagher (Michael Douglas) is an effective Manhattan-based legal representative that meets Alex Forrest (Glenn Close), an attractive editor at a posting business. They have an affair, which Dan considers absolutely nothing more than a brief fling. Alex disagrees and also creates a fixation with Dan as well as his life. It doesn’t take wish for that fixation to turn terrible. Both ‘Under Her Control’ and ‘Fatal Attraction’ are movies about fascination and the degree that a person might go to get what one wants.

4. Two

In ‘Two,’ Sara and also David awaken in bed together, with little recollection of just how they got there. Much to their scary, they soon find they have sewn together at their abdomen. Initially, Sara blames David for her existing situation, however she soon realizes that he, as well, is a victim. They understand that they must work together to escape from the clutches of whoever has done this to them. Just like Sofía in ‘Under Her Control,’ Sara and also David battle to make it through in a claustrophobic environment.

5. Beneath Us

‘Beneath Us’ revolves around Alejandro as well as Memo, who are two of the undocumented workers hired by an upscale American couple, Liz and Ben, to fix their guest house. As the day paves the way to night, Liz and Ben reject to allow the employees go, and also refined and also little circumstances of racism that we previously observed in the film unexpectedly change into outright violence. ‘Beneath Us’ is a harsh and also brilliant movie that, like ‘Under Her Control,’ discovers immigrant exploitation and wealth disparity.

6. Undocumented

‘ Undocumented’ tells the tale of a group of undocumented Mexican immigrants who are recorded by an extreme patriot team together with the documentary crew that was accompanying them. The leader of the Patriots, Z, makes an offer to the film staff– either film the Patriots abuse the immigrants or suffer the same destiny as them. ‘Undocumented’ is a unrelenting and unpleasant horror movie that swiftly obtains under your skin, likely due to the real-world undertone. Both Under Her Control’ and also ‘Undocumented’ supplies a commentary on the exploitation of immigrants.

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