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A Demonic Marvel Hero Finally uncovered What’s Wrong with Him

Johnny Blaze has actually ultimately identified why the Spirit of Vengeance has actually been keeping him at night, as well as it makes his latest flight much more harrowing.

Johnny Blaze is familiar with horrible modifications, yet the past few months of his life have placed him with the absolute worst. Not only did he awake to discover himself in a twisted, picturesque Hell made just for him, however escaping it has just left him with even more concerns. Even the Spirit of Vengeance that burns within him hasn’t provided Johnny any kind of responses.

Fortunately, Johnny is not one to merely wait for things to occur. The responses, though, seem just to make issues worse for the Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider # 4 (by Benjamin Percy, Cory Smith, Oren Junior, Byran Valenza, and VC’s Travis Lanham) locates Johnny awakening in a gasoline station bathroom to the sight of an additional ominous clue left by the Spirit of Vengeance. Thanks to their relatively subsiding connection, Johnny’s cross-country expedition has been practically totally lacking significance. After the next quit along the road leads the Ghost Rider to a gruesome confrontation with a now demonic Circus of Crime, Johnny arises from the experience with no hint regarding where he is or exactly how he arrived. It isn’t that the Spirit of Vengeance does not desire him to have the fact. However, it can not pay for to as Johnny has somehow ended up being spiritually corrupt and jeopardized.

It appears that the wounds Johnny brings from his time entraped in his Hellish rural prison have actually smoldered into actual eyes and also ears for the forces working against him. This is rarely the very first time he has carried something comparable to a literal Dark Passenger, as that idea would readily relate to his relationship with the Spirit of Vengeance. When Johnny first agreed to the infernal offer that bound them in 1972’s Marvel Spotlight # 5 by Gary Friedrich as well as Mike Ploog, he had no suggestion what the repercussions would be.

In the years since, Johnny and the demon Zarathos have combated for control of his body, functioned together to take over Mephisto’s throne, and also come to know one another as much as they know themselves. If there is anyone that would certainly understand the gravity and also subtleties of the situation they are in now, it is definitely Johnny Blaze.

Since Johnny is beginning to understand why the Ghost Rider has been so remote, he can a minimum of put to rest his hidden problems regarding its purposes. This also enhances how desperately they require to obtain to the bottom of what is occurring. Every moment that Johnny remains in control is simply even more time his adversaries need to gather details, as well as every hint the Ghost Rider leaves is just one more that both sides of the fight can comply with.

To top things off, the Spirit of Vengeance need to do all the heavy training by itself because of Johnny’s infected standing. Instead, the Ghost Rider fights on its own while leaving the journey in the hands of Johnny and also his mystical new allies. More than anything else is the reality that the Spirit of Vengeance has actually put every ounce of belief it has behind somebody who could not even make it through the experience.

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