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Aespa’s Giselle sorry for mouthing the N-word

K-pop girl group aespa member Giselle issued a statement and apologized for mouthing the N-word in a video.

A behind-the-scenes video was uploaded on YouTube featuring aespa’s jacket filming. However, in one portion of the video, Sza’s song “Love Galore” was playing in the background and the members were having fun while filming.

Aespa’s Giselle (Twitter)

Giselle is seen mouthing the lyrics containing the N-word: “I’m surprised you, Called me after the things I said, Skrrt, skrrt on n*****.”

That portion of the video was uploaded online with fans defending her while others are criticizing what she did. The original video has been set to private on YouTube.

On Oct. 25, Giselle posted her apology on aespa’s official Twitter account, saying she got carried away when Sza’s song was played.

“Hello, this is GISELLE. I would like to apologize for mouthing the wrongful word from the lyrics of the song that was playing on-site,” she said.

Giselle added, “I had no intentions of doing it with any purpose and got carried away when one of my favorite artist’s song was played. I sincerely apologize. I will continue to learn and be more conscious of my actions.”

Aespa released their first mini-album “Savage” last Oct. 5 containing the title track of the same name and five other songs.

“This is the first physical album we are releasing since our debut with ‘Black Mamba’ last November. Everyone has been anticipating and waiting, and we are very excited and nervous to finally showcase it. Also, through this album, we are glad to be able to reveal our diverse charms through other songs besides the title track,” said Winter about their first mini-album during a press conference.




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