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Alexa Ilacad Says It ‘Took Me All My Courage’ To Post Her Bikini Pic On Insta

On September 20, Alexa Ilacad posted a pic on Insta wearing a cute green bikini. This might not seem like a big deal for some people, but for her, it definitely is. In her caption, the 21-year-old actress and recent college graduate wrote about how she’s been on a “lifetime journey” of self-love.

“Work on you, for you,” she started her post. “It took me all my courage to post this. But self-love is a lifetime journey and even though learning how to love myself and the body I’ve been blessed with is an everyday battle, I’m still proud of my progress.”


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In the comments section, Alexa was flooded with words of support by both fans and friends in the industry. And in one of her replies, she shed more light on how monumental it was for her to wear a bikini because it was years in the making. “It took me years to even get myself in a bikini and months thinking if I should dare to post it. I’m still shaking up to now haha,” she wrote.

In recent years, Alexa has used her platform in being as honest as possible to her followers. In April, she opened up about how the lockdowns have affected her mental health and that she wanted to seek help from a medical professional: “There are days I feel useless [from] not doing anything, just being stuck at home. But there are days my schedule is jampacked but I feel so drained for some reason. I guess it’s because of the lack of human connection. I would love [to have] someone to talk to, to go to counseling, just to untangle my thoughts.” 

And just last August, after the news of Alexa graduating as a Dean’s Lister at Treston International College made headlines, she shared her many struggles throughout her stay in college: “People only see the victories, the photos I post, my flat uno. But they never knew that I also got low grades sometimes, especially during the times where I’m just so busy…Madami rin akong failures.” 


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