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All three kids of Iya Villania and Drew Arellano also test positive for COVID-19

All three kids of Iya Villania and Drew Arellano—Alana Lauren, 1; Alonzo Leon, 3; and Antonio Primo, 5—hold unfortunately tested particular for COVID-19 nonetheless are now getting better from the disease.

On Friday, January 14, 2022, Iya published in an Instagram publish that her youngest limited one Alana hold also joined them in their quarantine condominium at dwelling after she confirmed symptoms of COVID-19.

The 35-year-mature Kapuso mother wrote, “And right here she is [broken heart emoji] my unhappy toddler lady who’s doubtlessly having the hardest time coping with symptoms [broken heart emoji] it’s unli cuddles for this one fair now.”

Iya also posted updates about her two boys, Primo and Leon.

“Primo had a meltdown final night time too… Kuya gave the influence fancy he had it all collectively except I spotted he wasn’t having a search for okay. I cuddled up next to him and then he began to shout [broken heart emoji] unhappy boy [broken heart emoji]

“Leon on the more than a number of hand, by night time, he became brilliant! [emoji] fancy nothing took express [emoji] No longer obvious if that’s truly it for him nonetheless to this level since final night time, he hasn’t had a fever and his demeanor is aid to what it became earlier than he received ill! [emoji]”

Iya is hoping that every of her kids will enhance from the symptoms in barely three days, correct fancy she and Drew did.

The Kapuso host continued, “Had to present each and each Primo and Alana Calpol final night time. Primo slept brilliant and woke up nalang to decide but another dose when he began to bag warmth all over again.

“So far his symptoms were sneezing (which became handiest the previous day morning) and fever. Alana, on the more than a number of hand, has been warmth and uneasy since final night time and desires nothing nonetheless cuddles.

“Signs the kids were experiencing to this level: sneezing (Primo), vomiting (Leon and Primo – I found this took express accurate through consumption of meds), and fever (all 3 kids).

“Hoping Leon is accomplished with it for real (it’s day 3 for him this day). I mediate Primo will seemingly be too soon because in its place of his fever his demeanor is real, and confidently so will Alana (Both day 2) [emojis]

“Hoping tmrw will seemingly be better for these monkeys [emojis] Prayers and decide to everybody else going through this! [emojis]”

Iya stays to hold a particular outlook even with all the challenges their family is currently coping with thanks to COVID-19.

“Ps: On the upside, borders hold now opened and everybody’s reunited [emojis] so now we can all relief every varied because the kids heal and enhance.

“Drew and I aren’t going wherever anyway so we can abet on counting days with the kids except everybody appears to be successfully all over again [heart emoji]”

And earlier than she can get bashed for wearing makeup within the photo, Iya already clarified that she had work this day.

“Pps: Sure, naka makeup ako. Coz thats how I choose care of my patients right here at dwelling [emoji] NOT! Had work and needed to tape a segment [emoji]”

Iya ended her publish asserting, “Ppps. Lift on the antibodies! [emoji] Exact attempting to end particular as we are attempting to search out our manner out of the woods [emoji]”

On January 10, 2022, Iya published in an Instagram publish that she and her husband Drew needed to isolate themselves from their formative years after checking out particular for COVID-19.

On Wednesday, January 12, 2022, Iya published on Instagram that Leon woke up with a fever and joined them in their quarantine condominium. A day later, it became Primo who started experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19.

These took express correct days after Iya published in an episode of Mars that she is pregnant with her fourth limited one.

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