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Alodia Gosiengfiao breakup meme triggers hilarious reactions

Alodia Gosiengfiao and Wil Dasovich went viral last Thursday, January 13, 2022, when the worn posted a hugot quote on her Facebook post.

Alodia’s posted a narrate of herself going down the steps in a form-becoming gold robe that highlighted her legs.

Her caption: “Hi. Ako nga pala yung sinayang mo [smiley face]”

Alodia’s sister Ashley quipped within the feedback piece, “Impress ko na ba?”

But it absolutely regarded Ashley didn’t want to impress Wil, Alodia’s ex-boyfriend of 4 years, because he replied to Alodia’s post the subsequent day.

Wil’s post confirmed him carrying effective an apron, baring his shoulders and honest arm, while holding up a rice cooker with rice grains in it.

His caption: “Hi, ako nga pala yung sinaing mo.”

Alodia reacts to MEMES

After seeing her post blow up on Facebook, Alodia took to the social media platform again to account for the meaning within the support of her hugot caption.

The gamer-cosplayer said that the quote modified into also constant with a meme and apologized that it wasn’t presupposed to reach relief off as anything else excessive.

But she loved how folk were having a enjoyable time with it.

Alodia later posted a meme of herself also cooking rice, referencing Wil’s “Ako pala yung sinaing mo” post.

Her model learn: “Sana SINAING kana lang, para kapag nakalimuta kita, sunog ka.”

“Ako nga pala sinayang niyo”

One other social media persona joined the enjoyable this Saturday, January 15.

Oliver Austria, or The Pinoy Architect on YouTube, modified into tasked to create the original dwelling of Alodia and Wil.

But a month after the impress of the create on Oliver’s and Wil’s YouTube channel, Alodia confirmed on her Facebook web page that she and Wil had broken up.

Thus, when Oliver saw Alodia’s “Ako pala yung sinayang mo” post, his model learn: “Ako nga pala sinayang niyo.”

The “Ako” in his take referred to the house create that Oliver made.

Alodia’s sister Ashley agreed to Oliver’s post by pronouncing, “Impress…*na sayang nga [sad face with tear]”

Ashley then compiled Alodia’s, Wil’s, and Oliver’s post in one narrate album and teased Alodia within the caption: “Impress…a observation lang po.”

Alodia shared this post on her web page, pronouncing, “Impress pa extra.”

Alodia and Wil’s breakup

Alodia revealed her breakup with Wil on November 14, 2021.

In a fast Facebook reputation, she wrote: “To those asking, wala na kame. It’s been a while. We tried to work things out over and over but some things are now not intended to be. I am hoping you appreciate our privacy within the route of this time in our lives [praying hands emoji]”

Alodia and Wil first confirmed their relationship in February 2018.

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