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Alodia Gosiengfiao trims three inches off her waistline through liposuction

Alodia Gosiengfiao is flaunting a tinier waistline.

The cosplay queen and Tier One founder was ready to neat her waistline from 27 inches down to 24 inches via a liposuction process.

On Monday, February 7, 2022, celeb magnificence doctor Vicki Belo uploaded a video on her Instagram myth to share Alodia’s skills.

In the post, Alodia outlined the well-known cause she made up our minds to endure liposuction.

She acknowledged, “So generally I even be pleased some fat in my tummy which I if truth be told can’t fetch rid of. Earlier than kasi… well, just now not too long prior to now, I’ve been carrying heaps of corsets for my costumes, ganyan.

“I if truth be told strive to incorporate that para we’ve, fancy, a effective hourglass form. Earlier than, I will enact spandex, mga latex, ganyan, k lang. My silhouette was k.

“However now, I strive to compensate by making it better via alternative strategies.”

It was revealed in the video post that Alodia underwent a 360-level laser-assisted liposuction.

With the exception of the identical outdated lipo process, in all probability the most fat from Alodia’s belly tell were transferred to her hips to enact the hourglass make a choice.

Alodia was very tickled with the outcomes.

“Even if I exercise, hindi siya nawawala. I mean, my limbs are payat na and every part, however I had a puson. However now, it’s long gone.”

With the exception of Alodia, ABS-CBN actress Janella Salvador has previously spread out about undergoing the the same liposuction process with Dra. Vicki. This was phase of her preparation for primetime TV comeback via the upcoming Kapamilya remake of Darna.

For parents which would be eager to endure a lipo process, the price of the 360° Liposuction starts at around PHP112,000, searching on the tell you purchase to hope to tackle.

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