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Apple Debuted New AirPods and Macbook Pro at Its Event Today. Here’s Everything We Know.

Good Monday to you. To those of you, including one of us, nursing hangovers from an up-tempo Sunday night, we wish we could wish you an uneventful Monday. But Apple will not allow it. Today marks Apple’s “Unleashed” Event, the October sequel to the big ole September Keynote the company tries to whips up a frenzy for every year. And though in the last few years the announcements have been kinda not exactly groundbreaking, the frenzy gets whipped nonetheless.

The September 2021 Keynote introduced us to the new iPad (cool), the latest iPad Mini (cool, if you like tablets-cum-cellphones), Apple Watch Series 7 (nothing huge to report besides smaller bezels), and all the iPhone 13 models (they have better cameras and better screens, which is what you’d expect after a year of technological progress). All around, nice, but not ground-breaking. A month later, Apple started off its event with a new home speaker colors and new AirPods.

Live from a recording of Tim Cook in a field on the Apple campus in California, here’s the new tech Apple announced that might affect your life, and none of the boring details that don’t matter.

The HomePod mini colors.

Photo by COURTESY.

HomePod mini

The HomePod mini is yet another attempt by Apple to get us to use Siri. Will we do it? Probs not. Siri just can’t match the smarts of Google Assistant or Alexa. However, HomePod mini now comes in a few colors, including yellow, which is cool. We like yellow in our homes. Apple went above and beyond to explain that Siri can pull up Apple Music seamlessly, which ought to have gone without saying, but again, Siri doesn’t have a great track record.

The third-generation AirPods.

Photo by COURTESY.

AirPods 3

Apple’s latest take on the AirPods look different—kinda like the love child of the OG, long-stemmed AirPods and the shorter, silicone-tipped AirPods Pro. Unlike the AirPods Pro, this third-generation of the AirPods (no “Pro”—keep up with the nomenclature) doesn’t have fitted silicone buds or explicit active noise cancellation. However, it does have a hear-through feature called Spatial Audio, allowing you to tap the bud to let more outside noise filter in. Great for commuting, for example. It also takes into account head movements to make the audio sound more immersive. With a full charge, you’ll get 30 hours of listening time—nice—and it’ll cost $179.


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M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips

You may or may not know this, but we’re big M1 fans. It’s cheaper, more efficient, and just all around one of the best upgrades given to Macs ever. Now, the big A unveiled the M1 Pro and the M1 Max, which extend the M1 chip into two new, more refined models that save power for faster processing. While we won’t get into all the numbers, trust us: If this update is half as promising as the original M1 chip, it’ll be an absolute powerhouse and one of the most efficient processors on the market. You can now also run iPad and iPhone apps on the Mac with new universal integration. Basically, Apple summed up the M1 chip better than we ever could with a *zoom* sound effect.

The two new sizes of the Macbook Pro.

Photo by COURTESY.

New Macbook Pro

Good news, everyone: They put ports back on the Macbook Pro. Instead of one or two USB-Cs there’s an HDMI port and an SD card slot. What will you do with all of your USB-C dongles? Oh well. The New Macbook Pro comes in a 16-inch and a 14-inch, with much smaller bezels making for larger screens. It does look a little thicker, which not only helps on the port front, but also should help with cooling. Apple got rid of the touch pad at the top of the keyboard that no one uses and is bringing back the brilliant Magsafe charger which prevented your Macbook from flying off a table if someone tripped over your cord. In other words, Apple is walking back all of the design and loosely half-assed upgrades from the last generation.

The new Macbook Pro has RAM ranging from 16GB to 64GB of unified memory and internal SSD storage ranging from 512GB to 8TB. Its price starts at $2,499 and goes all the way up to a cool $6,099 for a fully maxed out version. It genuinely seems shockingly promising, losing the power-hungry, heat-trapping, pretty design features for more practical features, which is all us Pro users really want.

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