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Are High Water Jasmina Tremer and Jakub Marczak Based on a Real People?

The Polish series is developed by Anna Kępińska and also complies with Jasmina Tremer, a hydrologist who struggles to convince the authorities concerning the approaching flood. Just Jakub Marczak is the only one who thinks her theories. Offered that the show is based on real events, it is natural for audiences to question if Jasmina Tremer and Jakub Marczak are inspired by real people.

That Are Jasmina Tremer and also Jakub Marczak?

Jasmina Tremer is a hydrologist from Poland who examined in Utrecht. She resides in seclusion in the Żuławy wetlands with her guy. The federal government summons her after Tremer reports regarding the possibility of a flood striking Wrocław as well as triggering enormous damages. Because of this, she is employed by Acting Province Governor Jakub Marczak. Tremer is charged with recommending services to the flooding. At the same time, visitors also learn that Tremer and Marczak utilized to be a pair and also had a little girl called Klara. Nevertheless, Tremer left Marczak as well as her daughter because of her medication dependency.

As a marczak, tremer and result transformed their focus to saving their enjoyed ones from the flooding. In the collection, starlet Agnieszka Zulewska (‘The Mire’) portrays the role of Jasmina Tremer, while star Tomasz Schuchardt (‘The Disappearance’) appears as Jakub Marczak.

Are Jasmina Tremer and also Jakub Marczak Based on Real People?

Jasmina Tremer is not based on any real-life hydrologist. The personality might be influenced by numerous real people influenced by the Millennium Flood. The character of Jakub Marczak likewise shows up to be a fictional development.

In a different meeting, Tomasz Schuchardt mentioned that the series dramatizes real occasions and adds fictional aspects to the real-life catastrophe allowing it to produce difficult human connection drama. The actor likewise added that his character highlights government officials’ function during the Millennium Flood. As a result, marczak and also tremer stand for the scientists and also authorities that worked relentlessly to conserve plenty of lives during the 1997 flooding. By concentrating on just two characters, the series permits visitors to form an emotional link with the obstacles encountered by government officials during the all-natural disaster. Eventually, Jasmina Tremer and Jakub Marczak are fictional entities created from the experiences of real people that additionally the program’s story that showcases one of the best disasters in Polish history.

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