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Aww, Melissa Gohing-Nacino Had The *Sweetest* Anniversary Greeting For Rocco Nacino

*Newlyweds* Melissa Gohing-Nacino and Rocco Nacino just celebrated their fourth anniversary as a couple and their anniversary greetings couldn’t get any sweeter! 

On September 18, Saturday, Melissa marked the special day by posting an Instagram video of Rocco hugging and kissing her on the forehead.

“Four years together. Forever to go with the man I have prayed for,” the volleyball athlete captioned the post. 

She added, “Four years have passed and you still make me laugh and smile more than anyone else in the world. I love you my sweet and makulit husband! Thank you for this wonderful day mi amor. I appreciate every little or big thing that you do for me.”

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Rocco also posted the same video on Instagram and sweetly wrote, “Four years together at mag-asawa na tayo pero nagce-celebrate pa rin ng anniversary bilang boyfriend at girlfriend. Sana ganito tayo palagi. Mahal kita.

“I am sorry for all my shortcomings but do know that everyday I will be the best version of myself for you. I will always be that clown who makes you laugh everyday!” 

Melissa and Rocco got engaged late last year. They tied the knot aboard a naval ship on January 21, 2021. 

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