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BabyBolz no. 2? Solenn Heussaff reveals plans, trivia about Anne Curtis’ pregnancy

September 6, 2021 | 2:56pm

MANILA, Philippines — Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico are probably one of the most followed celebrity couples on Instagram while their daughter, Thylane Katana a.k.a Tili, is one of the most popular celebrity babies. With the family’s following, people are wondering: Is there going to be baby number two for Solenn and Nico?

“We’ve been thinking about it,” shared Solenn in her guesting in‘s online show, “Slam Book.”

She was quick to clarify though that the pandemic is stopping them from going through with it.

“But not this year just because nakakatakot din ‘yung Delta variant and based on my past pregnancy with Tili, it was a very difficult one. I was at the hospital almost once a week. I don’t wanna be exposed and I don’t wanna expose Thylane,” Solenn said.

The actress/artist said that she enjoys her time with Tili and Nico, which she says is a rarity because pre-pandemic, she was a “workaholic” who panicked if she got lazy for a minute, thinking she has no job.

“I don’t wanna preempt next year but hopefully when things kinda settle down, but, yeah, baka mag-number two na ako before I turn 37,” she said.

She turned 36 last July 20.

When probed if she’ll again try to get pregnant at the same time as her sister-in-law, actress Anne Curtis, she said that there was never an intention for both of them to get pregnant at the same time.

“Actually with Anne, we never thought about it. Her original plan (was), she was supposed to get pregnant in 2021. She had to shoot movies pa. Also in showbiz, it’s so easy to say next year na lang ‘yan kasi ‘I have so much more to do’. There’s always something to do,” Solenn shared.

Anne is married to her brother, restaurateur/food content creator Erwan Heussaff. Solenn gave birth to Tili on January 1, 2020 while Anne gave birth to Dahlia Amelie on March 2, 2020.

“We were really trying to get pregnant; they weren’t. It’s just really a surprise na two months apart lang pala. But we only found out when she was like six or seven months. She really kept it a secret,” Solenn said.

Anne did not immediately reveal her pregnancy to the public. She was already into her second trimester when she announced her pregnancy. She temporarily bid goodbye to her noontime show “It’s Showtime” in December 2019 to fly to Australia where she would give birth to Dahlia a.k.a Dahli.

“Hopefully next year together because it’s more fun to be in motherhood together and to see our kids grow up,” Solenn shared.

She added her hopes of again sharing a second pregnancy with her sister-in-law for several reasons.

“At least if in the future we get to travel together, it’s easier to find activities for them to do together kasi same age sila di ba?” Solenn said.

Apart from the bond over their first pregnancy and motherhood, the two women, who are also known to be part of the collective group called “It Girls,” have also bonded over creating video content for mothers like them.

Called “TiliDahli,” it initially started with a series of videos that feature fun activities for mothers and their babies. Most were written and directed by Solenn.

It has now expanded to offering baby clothing, some of which are made from organic materials.

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