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Being James Bond, The Exclusive Documentary Is Out!

Being James Bond: the Daniel Craig story is now available to stream for free on Apple TV online! It’s going to be around for a month, as its release date is September 7, 2021- it will be available for free only till October 7, 2021. It’s kind of a gap-filling strategy to keep all the fans who have been waiting keenly for more, occupied. The release of No Time To Die is highly anticipated, which would premiere in theatres of the United States on October 8, 2021.

The documentary is of a 45-minute duration, demonstrating the journey of Daniel Craig’s life as the dashing and ever so loved agent. It has much exclusive footage and behind the scenes of the

making of the 007 movies. Additionally, there are discussions on the ups and downs of the production, which also shows the producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson. There are some action-packed scenes that tease the upcoming film and also the preceding movies.

Being James Bond – Daniel Craig’s Career as James Bond

Being James Bond Details

Given that Daniel has been playing the role of James Bond since 2006, he had faced much more criticism due to the actors who previously played the same role. There were many who said he

didn’t ‘look’ the certain way or is right for the part. But Broccoli had believed in him and had commented that he was “lit from within”. The crew has always known that they needed the character to have star power. They looked for a charismatic personality that would turn heads, instead of just manufactured looks and a chiseled body, Craig, fortunately, has both. The viewers also

demanded an actor who’d exceptionally suit Bond, which Broccoli thought was perfect for Daniel.

He’s introverted and doesn’t speak out of absolute necessity, yet his respectable nature and enthusiasm for the role had garnered the interest of 007 fans pretty quickly. Craig was heard in the

trailer saying “I thought I wouldn’t know how to handle it” as it shows how nervous the immensely talented actor was at the time- due to the pressure of being compared, critiqued, and talked about every day. But seems like the actor started to get the hang of it and he always presents his gratitude with utmost sincerity and vigor “I’m incredibly proud and I’m incredibly fortunate to do this” he said.

The movie comes to an end with feelings of nostalgia but a wholesome feeling with the last day’s filming. It’s a beautiful arrangement of the process, production in the long voyage and represents

exactly as the title says; Being James Bond. It’s definitely worth a watch, as we patiently wait for No Time To Die to release this year in the fall.

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