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Brenda Mage reunites with PBB co-housemates Eian Rances, Alexa Ilacad

Brenda Mage is viewed together as soon as more along with his Pinoy Mountainous Brother housemates Alexa Ilacad and Eian Rances.

Their reunion comes after Brenda’s exit within the PBB house on January 1, 2022 and the first time he’s viewed with Alexa and Eian after they figured in an argument at some level of their protect all over the Mountainous Brother house.

On January 9, 2022, Brenda posted a photo album of his neighborhood photography and selfies along with his housemates—Alexa and Eian incorporated—which changed into taken at some level of their taped reunion in ASAP Natin ‘To.

One photo all over the album changed into Brenda’s picture with Alexa, the set the actress is jokingly choking the comic, and Brenda pretending to be crying.

The next photo confirmed a more in-depth Brenda and Alexa, smiling at the digicam.

Brenda additionally uploaded a selfie with Eian, whom he changed into end friends with all over the Mountainous Brother house until they’d a profitable battle of phrases.

Brenda additionally had a photo with Alexa and Eian, the set Eian is standing within the midst of them.

Eian and Alexa are smiling whereas Brenda is doing a fierce inspect.

It will additionally very successfully be recalled that at some level of their protect all over the PBB house, Brenda figured in a talked-about controversy intelligent Alexa and Eian.

Brenda is recognized to be no longer in favor of Alexa and Eian’s rising relationship, which affected Brenda and Eian’s friendship.

It changed into on tale of of Eian’s past remarks about Alexa, which he shared with Brenda.

Brenda stated, “Ang daming detrimental na sinabi si Eian against Alexa, and Alexa ang daming sinabi… And then in barely one click on, nagganoon sila.”

Brenda even remarked about his housemates: “Oh my God, ang galing magazine-switch. Congratulations! Dinaig ang Urian awards, ang MMFF. Oscars ang aktingan! Grabe, gusto ko itanong kung saan sila nagwo-workshop sa galing nila umarte.”

Brenda additionally stated some feedback against Alexa within the lend a hand of her lend a hand all over the PBB house, which Alexa had realized out when she changed into evicted on December 26, 2021.

Alexa stated about this, “I’m no longer gonna lie and be [a] hypocrite. And I will inform na masakit. Ang sakit talaga.

“Wala akong ka-ide-belief na para na pala akong pulutan sa Bahay ni Kuya.”

Brenda, upon leaving the house, apologized thru Facebook about the issues he did at some level of his protect in PBB.

At some level of the megastar housemates’ reunion on a Kumu present, Brenda stated that he and Alexa bask in already settled their variations.

Brenda stated, “Hindi ko po alam if solved na, pero kanina po, nagyakapan kami ni Alexa.

“Tapos, I [said] sorry. Nagpatulong ako kay Eian.”

The housemates additionally had their neighborhood shots in Brenda’s photo album.

It changed into the first time that they had been together as soon as more after the megastar edition of PBB’s latest season ended on January 2, 2022.

The megastar housemates of PBB for its tenth season are: (first row L-R) KD Estrada, Alexa Ilacad, (second row L-R) John Adajar, Alyssa Valdez, Albie Casiño, Madam Inutz, Eian Rances, Karen Bordador, Shanaia Gomez, Samantha Bernardo, (third row L-R) Brenda Mage, Benedix Ramos, Anji Salvacion, and Jordan Andrews.

Chie Filomeno, Kyle Echarri, and TJ Valderrama weren’t present at some level of the ASAP reunion.

At the slay of the megastar edition, Alyssa and Anji had been declared the Top 2 and are set of residing to reach lend a hand to the PBB house as soon as the grownup and teenage editions bask in declared their prime 2.

The grownup edition is currently ongoing.

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