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Brothers Herbert and Hero Bautista carry on father’s legacy

Herbert Bautista (right) and brother Hero (left) with Liza Soberano

Working with family members can be trying at times, especially when it comes to public service. But for brothers Herbert and Hero Bautista, carrying on their father’s legacy serves as a guiding light for both.

“Our father was our inspiration. He was the reason why we entered public service,” Hero shared. Both entered public service at a young age, with Herbert becoming the president of the Kabataang Baranggay National Federation in 1986, and Hero being one of the council members.

In later years, Hero devoted his time to running the family business, while Herbert continued to make strides in the political field. However, the call to serve the public remained. For Hero, this led to the creation of the Batang QC Foundation in 2004 and has been continuously helping kids go to school through this foundation. Apart from that, he is also an active member of YMCA of Quezon City, the Rotary Club of Cubao West, the Knights of Columbus, and the Quezon City Capitol Jaycees, among others.

Despite being executives in their own rights, both brothers see to it that their staff and employees can easily approach them. “We always treat our employees and staff as family. That was how we were raised by our parents – we learned to love and God is always the first,” Herbert said. This solidarity between the officials and their respective staff allows their offices to quickly address any constituent concerns that are brought to them.

The brothers were able to team up once again when Hero became councilor of the 4th District of Quezon City during the term of Herbert as mayor. Herbert served as the experienced mentor who helped his younger brother navigate the waters of local politics. Meanwhile, Hero was the fiery newcomer who was ready to help his constituents but needed some guidance in the new playing field.

One of their crowning achievements as brothers is the passage of a local ordinance establishing the Quezon City Scholarship Program for Specialized Courses. Authored by Hero who is a staunch proponent of education for all, and signed by Herbert during his term as mayor, the ordinance expands Quezon City’s scholarship program to include specialized courses such as international studies, environmental science, social work and community development, and other courses.

Herbert served as mayor for three consecutive terms, while Hero is currently an incumbent councilor. Hero continues to find ways to serve his constituents, especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic severely affecting the livelihood of Filipinos. 




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