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Cai Qing and Yin Yonglin: Where Are Yin Yuguo Parents Now?

On Netflix’s ‘The Joys as well as Sorrows of Young Yuguo,’ supervisor Ilinca Calugareanu brings the visitors the tale of 16-year-old Yin Yuguo. The young Chinese trainee’s love and yearning for Romania and its literature took him on a remarkable trip to the country. During Yuguo’s short remain in Bacău, he left a mark on the citizens and also completely involved himself in the society. Yuguo died in a mishap simply three months after he went there. His parents, Cai Qing and Yin Yonglin, talk about allowing their boy seek his dreams and also how they took care of his fatality. If you’re interested to find out much more, we’ve obtained you covered.

Who Are Yin Yuguo’s Parents?

Yuguo was the only kid of Cai Qing and Yin Yonglin in Kunming, Yunnan province, China. On the show, Qing spoke about just how she felt like no one in the world could comprehend her child and that he felt an unique type of loneliness. At some point, Yuguo chose to head to the Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacău, Romania, to find out more about the country’s society, background, and literary works. Qing mentioned that she never ever positioned any type of constraints on her child however did feel protective of him when he left.

As for Yonglin, while he really did not desire his child to go far from him, he never wished to stop Yuguo from chasing his desires. Throughout Yuguo’s 80-day remain in Romania, he continued to be pleased as well as shared every little thing with his parents. Aside from finding out Romanian as well as diving deeper into literature, he was invited to check out Romanian food and also made a great deal of fond memories in the country, leaving a lasting effect on the people there.

Yuguo also wrote a post in Romanian regarding his experience attending the National Day parties in Alba Iulia, Romania. His extraordinary time there finished quickly in January 2019. the 16-year-old had planned to travel to the Neamț Citadel in Romania, in spite of being warned concerning the harmful weather that day. In a heartbreaking turn of occasions, Yuguo tried to get off a moving train and struck his head on a mile marker below the snow covering the location.

Where Are Yin Yuguo’s Parents Today?

Due to the fact that he was just following his dreams, qing as well as Yonglin were ravaged to find out about their child’s death but stated they never ever regretted allowing him go. Yonglin stated shedding his ability to smile yet really hoped that if there was an identical world, Yuguo was gladly pursuing his dreams there. Qing and Yonglin visited Romania after Yuguo’s fatality. They later started a literary works scholarship at the Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacău, something they intended to fund for the remainder of their lives. From what we can inform, Qing and also Yonglin, both college professors, are still based out of Kunming. It shows up that Yonglin teaches at Yunnan University in China.

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