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Carla Abellana on surprise bachelorette party: ‘I seriously thought I wouldn’t get one’

Carla Abellana is soon to marry Tom Rodriguez.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the “To Have And To Hold” star thought nothing about having a traditional bachelorette party, what with ongoing protocols.

But her co-stars would have none of it.

They actually organized one for her.

Of course, Carla could only be happy.

The actress took to Instagram to post photos taken at the event.

She wrote: “The closest to a ‘Bachelorette Party’ I could get during this pandemic.”

She captioned, “The closest to a ‘Bachelorette Party’ I could get during this pandemic.”

The actress made clear the event was safe for everyone involved noting in her post:

“✔️ Everyone was Antigen tested first
“✔️ Wasn’t a party because it was just a quick segue from a plated Italian dinner
“✔️ Open air at a co-actor’s house for proper air circulation
“✔️ Everyone vaccinated
“✔️ Wholesome 😅”

She added, “The smiles and laughter are real, though. Because i seriously thought i wouldn’t even get to have one.”

Present at the event were Carla’s “To Have And To Hold” co-actors Rocco Nacino, Max Collins, Inah Feleo, Valeen Montenegro, and Luis Hontiveros. They were also joined by their director Don Michael Perez and Rocco’s wife, Melissa Gohing-Nacino.

“To Have And To Hold” airs weeknights on GMA Telebabad.




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