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Cherry Lou, Phytos Ramirez introduce Baby Caly on Instagram

Celebrity couple Cherry Lou, 38, and Phytos Ramirez, 26, have introduced their baby girl on Instagram.

On Sunday, October 24, 2021, Cherry Lou uploaded the first photo of their daughter on her Instagram account with the caption: “You Are More Than We Ever Expected [heart emoji] And Better Than We Ever Imagined! [heart emoji] Our Sweet Girl Caly [heart emoji] #calykyriakou”

In another post on Monday, October 25, 2021, Cherry Lou uploaded an adorable photo of their baby girl with the caption, “All of God’s Grace In One Tiny Face [heart emoji] #babycaly #calykyriakou #1monthold #pwerausogpo [emojis] #buyag.”

On Thursday, October 27, Phytos reposted his baby’s photo on his Instagram account and wrote, “And In This World …. This little One is My World”


The actor’s Instagram post dated October 19, 2021 revealed that Cherry Lou gave birth to Baby Caly prematurely at 33 weeks. The baby girl’s first name is Calysta Luna.

Here’s the touching letter written by the first-time dad for Baby Caly: “When you were born at 33 weeks I was terrified. But after I held you for the first time our bodies synced, you erased all my fears and the chaos around us disappeared.

“Welcome to the world …. You are our most precious little bundle of joy. And when I look into your eyes, I see myself looking into my own soul.

“You and ur mom’s story isn’t an easy one, but it’s yours and it’s made you who you are today to us, u are perfect.

“Lord of Unfailing Love, thank You for giving us a beautiful gift … I pray that all good and pure things are instilled in her heart, so as she grows and continues to stay close to You.”

Toward the end of his post, Phytos expressed his unwavering love for his unica hija and wrote, “I love you my beautiful baby CALYSTA LUNA KOULLA MAGLASANG KYRIAKOU.”

Phytos and Cherry Lou confirmed their relationship in February 2021.

Phytos tagged Cherry Lou in a post on his Instagram Stories which read, “I date to marry. Not to date for one or three years and break up. That’s why I’m willing to fight for anything to keep the relationship going.”

Before this, Cherry Lou had been hinting about her relationship with Phytos since September 2020.

Aside from Baby Caly, Cherry Lou has three children with her estranged husband Michael Agassi, the younger brother of actor Carlos Agassi.

In an Instagram post in 2019, Michael announced that he and Cherry Lou have called it quits.


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