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Dena Briscoe and Terrell Worrell: Where Are the Anthrax Attack Survivors Now?

With Netflix’s ‘The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11’ living up to its title in every means imaginable, we get a complete understanding right into the realities of bioterrorism within the US back in 2001. Whether it be the use of postal solutions to mail contaminated letters, the incorrect leads adhered to by the FBI, or the suspected hand of Bruce Edwards Ivins in the matter, it covers every element. However, for now, if you just want to get more information concerning postal workers/anthrax survivors Dena Briscoe and also Terrell Worrell– with a particular concentrate on their current location– here’s what we know.

Where is Dena Briscoe Now?

Considering That the Brentwood Postal Facility refined all the mail for Capitol Hill, it regretfully got caught in the line of fire during the second wave of the weaponized powder strikes (targetting politicians). Spores leaked out to contaminate the whole structure around mid-October 2001, yet Dena vehemently keeps the higher-ups dismissed the workers’ worries from the beginning, per the original. The center was quickly relabelled after the late duo, however it all additional drove Dena to come out as one of the loudest voices demanding clear answers for herself as well as the whole workers union.

From what we can tell, Dena still stays in the Washington DC area alongside her loving household, where she additionally acts as the President of Nation’s Capital Southern Maryland Area Local (NCSMAL). She did run a not successful campaign to end up being American Postal Workers Union’s (APWU) Research and also Education Director in 2019, yet neither her efforts neither the loss wavered her stance. In other words, Dena continues to be a pleased, expert union leader that strives for her title each and every single day.

Where is Terrell Worrell Now?

Terrell Worrell was a 38-year-old forklift operator at the Brentwood Postal Facility when the anthrax strikes took over in the wake of 9/11, changing his life in a manner he never even anticipated. That’s since he not just had breathing troubles, frustrations, as well as fatigue because of the weaponized powder direct exposure for years, yet it likewise continues to have a severe, long-lasting result on his health. “My X-rays show that my lungs appear like I’ve been a heavy smoker, or like I have a lung illness,” he openly admitted in the Netflix documentary. “I [have] never smoked a day in my life.”

Coming to Terrell’s current standing, while the information of his expert experiences are a little bit vague, we do know the happy papa of 3 is based in Dale City, Virginia, at the moment. He would certainly parted methods with Brentwood after five years (1996-2001), as well as it looks like if he has since liked to maintain most details of his life on the down reduced for easy to understand privacy factors. Nevertheless, Terrell is quite energetic on social media sites platforms nowadays, so if you want to find out more concerning his familial along with political perspectives, you can follow him there.

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