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Derek Ramsay defends JaMill over backlash for their collaborative vlog

From left: Ellen Adarna, Derek Ramsay, Jayzam Manabat, and Camille Trinidad

Hunk actor Derek Ramsay and his fiancée Ellen Adarna were featured on the vlogs of the controversial couple Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad.

Note that Derek promoted it on his social media account.

“Nice hangin with you guys @jamillph @camilleptrinidad It’s nice to see these kids doing so well chasing their dreams and reaching their goals. Pls watch their next YouTube episode today, at 12pm, with Ellen and I,” read his caption last Oct. 4.

However, many netizens had violent reactions.

Some even deemed it as a “disappointing collab.”

“No thanks!! Ivana pren ksi nag shishare ng blessings sa Ibang tao,” one wrote, seemingly referring to another Filipino online content creator, Ivana Alawi.

But Derek replied: “Dear how do you know they don’t share their blessings? Is it because they don’t broadcast it? Kinda unfair comment don’t you think?”

According to him, the two actually asked them for the said content, and they agreed because the young social media stars are “good people.”

Though many online users were quick to point out that the couple is “not a good role model” with the type of videos they’re doing.

“Dear I respect your opinion but don’t you think it’s better to look at the positive side of what they are doing. They are working hard and giving back to their families. Kids can be inspired to do the same,” Derek replied.

He reiterated JaMill are “smart kids working hard.”

Recall that recently, Jayzam and Camille have finally broken their silence over the issue they got involved in.

Later, they proudly shared their new business.




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