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Dominic Roque Just ~Casually~ Said He Already Wants To Have Kids

Here’s something that’ll warm your heart today: Dominic Roque was caught on camera saying that he wants to have kids! Via an Instagram fan account, Dom apparently was on Ryan Agoncillo‘s Facebook live earlier this week, along with his Kuya Anthony Roque. In the clip, you’d see Ryan asking about Anthony’s six-month-old daughter Claudia. Dominic also whipped out his phone to show pics of his niece.

Ryan then went on to say, “Alam niyong itong Roque brothers, sa sobrang hilig nila sa mga bata…” He wasn’t able to finish his sentence ’cause he was cut off by Dom saying, “Gusto ko na nga din e.”

Ryan was taken aback by the ~revelation~ and said, “Hoy! Teka muna! Teka muna!”

Before the clip ended, Ryan went on to talk about how Dominic has been close to Yohan, his eldest daughter, since she was very young. ICYDK, Dom is actually family friends with Ryan! It just so happens that his Tita Beth Tamayo and Judy Ann Santos are longtime besties. If you dig deep in Dom’s Instagram, you’d see pics of him hanging out with Ryan and Judy Ann’s children Yohan, Lucho, and Luna (whom he calls his “siblings”):


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As we all know, Dom has been making headlines these past few months after he and Bea Alonzo confirmed their relationship. It has to be noted that Bea’s been pretty vocal about her desire to get married and have kids one day! In a vlog with Ian Veneracion, Bea revealed she all she wants is a “boring family life”: “I want to have a partner for life. I want to have someone to be there to raise a family and build a life with. Sana makahanap ako ng kasing buti mo bilang tatay. I just want a boring family life.”

Well, here’s to hoping Beaand Domget all they wish for and more!


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