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Eagle-eyed fan spots Carla Abellana without wedding ring in new vlog

Carla Abellana updates her YouTube channel with a brand original vlog.

Within the vlog, she is on her hold and is at her mother’s residence to celebrate the birthday of her niece.

The GMA-7 actress also documented herself getting a brand original tattoo—a puny coronary heart inked in the assist of her ear.

Within the comment sections, fans hoped to search her with hubby Tom Rodriguez. But the actor wasn’t most original in the video.

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Fans sent messages of give a take hold of to for Carla and expressed their hope that she and Tom would pull through.

On the replace hand, one eagle-eyed fan noticed that Carla wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

In her last four vlogs, Carla always wore her wedding ring. Even when she changed into on her hold in the vlog, her wedding ring changed into viewed.

At the equal time, it’ll even be gleaned in Carla’s Instagram Reviews this Sunday, February 6, 2022, that she isn’t wearing her wedding ring.

The fan hoped Carla would wear her wedding ring for her subsequent vlog.

Carla mentioned she filmed her vlog all during the third week of January.

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Separated after three months of marriage?

PEP Troika reported on January 25, 2022 that Carla and Tom absorb allegedly separated.

Both events absorb but to clarify the topic.

Carla and Tom married on October 23, 2021.

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