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Film-TV director Rory Quintos now an energy healer

Remember Rory Quintos?

To those not in the know, Rory is the director behind classics like “Anak,” “Dubai,” “Crazy Beautiful You,” among others.

She also did several teleseryes including “Pangako Sa ‘Yo” at “The Legal Wife.” 

Despite her success, Rory has since turned her back on show business.

She has found new life as “energy healer.”

Rory discovered the practice after she was downed by Dengue in 2010.

She told “Hapinay,” “Noong 2010, muntik na akong namatay sa dengue… pero na-save ako because of energy healing. So siyempre, after an experience like that, I decided to become an energy healer.”

But what exactly does an energy healer do?

Rory explained, “Hini-heal namin ‘yong tao through breathing exercises, meditations and healing protocols, healing energy work…”

She vouched for its effectiveness.

“I was taking hypertension medicine for 18 years tapos noong pumunta ako dito… hini-heal nila ako, in 2 months, nawala na ‘yong hypertension medicine ko,” she said.

According to Rory anyone could practice as energy healer.

But to be effective, one has to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“You have to kind of maintain a very clean physical body,” she maintained.

She is now based at the World Institute for Incurable Diseases in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur.




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