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Five Days at Memorial Episode 7 Recap, Ending, Explained

The seventh episode of Apple TV+’s medical drama ‘Five Days at Memorial,’ entitled ‘Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen,’ centers around Assistant Attorney General Arthur “Butch” Schafer and also Special Agent Virginia Rider’s efforts to discover definitive proof that untangle Dr. Anna Pou’s participation in the numerous fatalities that happened in New Orleans’ Memorial hospital building. Because the episode finishes with stunning advancements that rewrite the destinies of Pou as well as her coworkers, we have actually taken a detailed look at the very same.

Five Days at Memorial Episode 7 Recap

‘Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen’ begins with Schafer and Rider speaking with Emmett Everett’s partner Carrie Everett, that highlights the need of fixing the situation to do justice to Emmett’s memories. They browse Memorial to find out the state of the health center and also find adequate supply of water as well as tinned food unused. After looking the health center, they satisfy coroner Frank Minyard, that lets them understand that the dead bodies are significantly disintegrated for him to garner blood samples to run drug tests. Schafer as well as Rider push him to collect the samples upon making him understand the relevance of the instance.

He notifies the duo that he heard from his colleague Kathleen Fournier that Pou and also Dr. Ewing Cook had implicitly talked about euthanizing patients. King adds to Schafer as well as Rider that he saw Pou with several syringes.

Even though Pou needs to comply with the order for a couple of days, she later on convinces Walker to withdraw the same. Richard T. Simmons, Jr. educates Pou that Schafer’s situation is toning up against her as the noticeable suspect. To obtain a much better picture of the facts, Simmons, Pou, Cheri Landry, and Lori Budo check out Memorial while Schafer as well as Rider are at the health center building with Ken Nakamaru. They inspect the pharmacy to discover that there isn’t any type of stock of two medicines Pou asked Nakamaru. Upon examining the documents, they find that Pou is the last individual that got in the pharmacy and also took the drugs.

Five Days at Memorial Episode 7 Ending: Why Does Dr. Anna Pou Get Arrested? Will She Get Released?
After doing their finest to press Minyard to go forward with testing the examples of remains discovered in the Memorial hospital structure, Schafer and also Rider obtain toxicology records that prove the presence of morphine and/or midazolam (Versed) in the cadavers of nine LifeCare clients. Upon thinking about the testimonies of LifeCare workers like Diane Robichaux, Therese Mendez, Kristy Johnson, as well as Ken Nakamaru and the toxicology records, Schafer and also Rider recognize that the prominent suspects are Pou, Landry, as well as Budo. Motorcyclist, numerous months after fulfilling Pou at Memorial, detains her.

In truth, Pou was arrested and also charged with 4 matters of being a principal in a second-degree murder, specifically the murders of Emmett Everett, Rose Savoie, and also two other LifeCare clients, based on Sheri Fink’s eponymous resource text of the show. She was required to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison in Scotlandville, Louisiana, to be booked as a fugitive. After preliminary procedures, she was after that required to the Orleans Parish Prison. She wasn’t locked up after the arrest. As per Fink’s book, Pou “authorized a residential or commercial property bond for $100,000 and also was provided a subpoena needing her to return keeping that amount of money as well as her ticket” in 3 days. She was after that released after twelve o’clock at night, forty-five mins after being reserved, on her own recognizance.

Are Cheri Landry as well as Lori Budo Arrested?

After Nakamaru has recognized both registered nurses who came with Pou while infusing LifeCare individuals as Cheri Landry and also Lori Budo, Rider and Schafer likewise intend their apprehensions. In reality, Landry and Budo were detained the same day Pou was detained. They were likewise charged with four matters of being a principal in a second-degree murder, the same fees as Pou. They were at some point served subpoenas by the district attorney along with a letter, which notified them that they are not being prosecuted by the DA. They were asked to testify without advice before the grand jury that was promised in to think about Pou’s situation for him to “locate out what they knew concerning Anna Pou,” as per the resource message.

Landry and also Budo tested the subpoenas through a charm however Louisiana Supreme Court judges refuted the very same, leading them to testify prior to the unique court in return for immunity in case.

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