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Five Days at Memorial: Where Are They Today?

Based upon the eponymous non-fiction publication by Sheri Fink, Apple TV+’s clinical drama collection ‘Five Days at Memorial’ centers around the discovery of forty-five cadavers in New Orleans’ Memorial healthcare facility structure, where Memorial Medical Center as well as LifeCare Hospitals are run. Established by John Ridley and Carlton Cuse, the series discovers the reality behind the fatalities of the patients, the supposed involvement of Memorial physicians as well as employee in the deaths, and also the examination of the very same. Considering that the show is based on a surprising true tale, the visitors have to aspire to find out about the present location of individuals behind the significant personalities of the show. Well, below’s everything you require to know about them!

Where is Dr. Anna Pou Now?

Dr. Anna Pou was one of the Memorial medical professionals who dealt with people at Memorial during and also after Hurricane Katrina. After the discovery of the forty-five dead bodies in the healthcare facility building, she was jailed and also charged with 4 counts of being a principal in a second-degree murder.

Pou is presently practicing as a medical professional focusing on head and also neck surgical oncology in a cancer cells center located in Covington, a city in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. After the expunction of the costs versus her, Pou contributed to passing and conceiving three legislations in the state of Louisiana that offer immunity to healthcare workers from many civil claims, other than instances of willful misconduct, for their operate in future catastrophes that range from typhoons to pandemic flu. She also became an eminent speaker, that mostly speaks about the importance as well as ethical considerations of medical professionals in the wake of catastrophes.

Even though Pou has picked to keep her personal life private, she often champs a number of charity events, mainly concerning clinical reasons. She had co-edited the “Head as well as Neck” section of the noticeable book ‘Head as well as Neck Surgery-Otolaryngology’. In 2021, the medical professional was bestowed a presidential citation from The American Head and Neck Society.

Where is Susan Mulderick Now?

Susan Mulderick served as the occurrence leader of Memorial Medical Center at the time of Hurricane Katrina as well as the succeeding flood. She led the emptying treatments of the healthcare facility. When the detectives interviewed her, Mulderick told them that she had talked about offering patients something for their “suffering,” “anxiety,” as well as “pain” with Dr. Pou, as per Fink’s source message of the program.

According to resources, Mulderick presently works as Director of Performance Improvement in a health-related foundation in New Orleans, Louisiana. She additionally has actually selected to keep her personal life private and avoided talking with the press or media concerning her experiences at Memorial during Hurricane Katrina and the succeeding flood.

Where is Dr. Bryant Kig Now?

After getting evacuated from Memorial, Dr. Bryant King was forthright concerning his experience at the hospital during the flooding. After leaving Memorial, King is currently exercising internal medication and nephrology separately in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Based on resources, King shares his life with partner Xochitl Smith, that additionally works in the medical field. He affectionately calls her “Luv Bug” as well as both of them endearingly commemorate their lives together. In 2020, King experienced Coronavirus condition as well as he spread out understanding worrying the exact same by sharing his experience with journalism.

Where is Dr. Horace Baltz Now?

Dr. Horace Baltz was one of the longest-serving doctors at Memorial, who specialized in inner medication. After the flood, he was left in a boat. After the accusations began to surface area against his coworkers, worrying the meant mercy killing that occurred at the medical facility, he decided to part ways with the healthcare facility where he benefited decades. He surrendered upon perceiving that “his value systems as well as values were no longer in step with those of his coworkers,” based on Fink’s publication. He then joined Touro Infirmary, a non-profit hospital situated in New Orleans.

In 2017, Baltz supposedly retired from his clinical technique after serving the clients for 58 years. He passed away on December 6, 2017, due to respiratory system failing adhering to an infection. The physician was made it through by his other half, two nieces, and a nephew.

Where is Karen Wynn Now?

Karen Wynn was the registered nurse manager of the ICUs at Memorial as well as the head of the healthcare facility ethics board. After obtaining left from Memorial throughout the flood, Karen remained away from the press as well as spotlight, up until Sheri Fink interviewed her. She is presently functioning as the chemotherapy infusion facility manager at The Gayle as well as Tom Benson Cancer Center, situated in Ochsner Hospital for Children, Jefferson, Louisiana.

Where is Diane Robichaux Now?

Diane Robichaux was the Assistant Administrator and also Incident Commander of LifeCare Hospitals at the time of Hurricane Katrina and also the subsequent flooding. The info gathered by Schafer and also Rider upon speaking to Diane was even made use of in the testimony prepared to apprehend Anna Pou, Cheri Landry, and also Lori Budo. She additionally testified before the grand jury. Currently, Diane is functioning as an Occupational Therapist at a Louisiana-based institution that uses services to infants and also toddlers with developmental delays/disabilities and their family members because 2006. She presently lives in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, seemingly with her other half as well as children.

Where is Arthur “Butch” Schafer Now?

Arthur “Butch” Schafer was an Assistant Attorney General, who examined the claims that Anna Pou euthanized patients during the flooding. When a court was vouched in to consider Pou’s case, he summed up the situation to the jurors as the lead prosecutor.

Schafer reacted favorably to the creation of the program, taking another look at or reliving the days linked with the Memorial instance is something he doesn’t desire to do. “I believe returning, if I needed to go back and relive every little thing we did, it possibly would hurt. One, because I bear in mind the effort and also every little thing we put into that. After that again it would simply be hard,” Shafer told KLFY.

Where is Virginia Rider Now?

Virginia Rider was the lead private investigator of the case versus Anna Pou as a Special Agent in Louisiana’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. After the arrests of Anna Pou, Cheri Landry, and also Lori Budo, Rider really did not function long in the system. Prior to the grand court determined to not indict Pou, she left the system to end up being an accounting professional like her mother. Since then, Rider has selected to keep herself far from the public eye or any type of social media systems. Like Schafer, Rider also believed that “justice had actually reached its end” in Pou’s situation, according to Fink’s publication. Throughout the investigation, she made use of to live a hr away from the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Where is Dr. Ewing Cook Now?

Dr. Ewing Cook was Memorial’s chief clinical policeman during and after Hurricane Katrina. After his emptying from Memorial, he moved to Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, from New Orleans. As per Fink’s publication, he worked at two country hospitals for “a pair of hrs a day” upon leaving Memorial.

Where is Michael Arvin Now?

Michael Arvin was Texas– Gulf Coast Regional Director of technique and company advancement of Tenet Healthcare, the firm that possessed Memorial Medical. Arvin tried his finest to provide discharge assistance to save individuals that were embeded the Memorial hospital building. Arvin left Tenet in 2007 and also signed up with Methodist Health System as SVP/Chief Development Officer in the very same year. He operated at the establishment till 2011. In 2011, he founded Alliance Strategic Health Advisors, LLC, where he currently works as a handling partner too. The Texas-based firm provides advisory solutions to clients such as health centers, medical professional organizations, exclusive equity financiers, etc.

Arvin is likewise presently working as Executive Vice President– Strategy & Development– in New Era Partners, LLC, a national healthcare real estate development as well as investment firm based in Grapevine, Texas. He additionally functioned briefly in The Sanders Trust in between June 2018 as well as September 2019. Based on sources, he currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

Where Are Lori Budo and Cheri Landry Now?

After obtaining apprehended and charged with 4 matters of being a principal in a second-degree murder, Lori Budo and Cheri Landry were served subpoenas to affirm prior to the grand jury in return for resistance from the instance. After the turbulent period of their apprehensions as well as court brows through, Budo and also Landry started working at Ochsner Baptist Medical Center, the former Memorial health center reopened under the new possession of Ochsner Health System. Budo released ‘Katrina Through Our Eyes: Stories from Inside Baptist Hospital’ in 2010, supplying a fictionalized account of Memorial’s ICU team as well as their households.

Besides her book, Budo, like Landry, has steered clear of from the spotlight since their arrest. Despite The Fact That Sheri Fink attempted to interview Budo numerous times, the latter decreased each time through her lawyer. Both registered nurses have actually additionally selected to maintain their individual lives private.

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