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Frank Minyard: Where is Ex-New Orleans Coroner Now?

In the seventh episode of the program, Minyard educates Assistant Attorney General Arthur “Butch” Schafer and Special Agent Virginia Rider that the bodies have actually decayed in the heat for days for him to accumulate blood samples to perform toxicology examinations. Upon Schafer’s persistence, Minyard does the very same and forwards the results to Schafer and also Rider.

Is Frank Minyard Based on a Real Coroner?

Yes, Frank Minyard is based upon a genuine person that acted as the New Orleans Parish coroner throughout Hurricane Katrina as well as the succeeding flooding. After the flood, Minyard was given the obligation of doing postmortem examinations and medication tests on around a hundred remains that were recovered from multiple health centers and retirement home, including Memorial, in the city. Minyard reviewed the toxicology results of the cadavers with forensic pathologists named Cyril Wecht and Michael Baden, along with Robert Middleberg, the supervisor of the toxicology lab where the postmortem examination samples were tested. According to Sheri Fink, the writer of the resource message of the show, more than half of the 41 bodies assessed in Middleberg’s lab had morphine and/or midazolam.

After the discussion, Minyard sent out 9 clients’ clinical, postmortem examination, as well as toxicology records to specialists for an independent review to garner additional info. 2 of the three professionals categorized the nine fatalities as murders while the 3rd one attested that the deaths are past coincidence. Furthermore, Minyard interviewed numerous LifeCare workers on his very own. He was additionally able to interview Dr. Anna Pou with her attorney existing. After seeking advice from numerous pathologists, Minyard ultimately consulted another one called Dr. Steven Karch. After inspecting the evidence, Karch encouraged Minyard to categorize the fatalities as “undetermined.”.

As per reports, Minyard finally concluded the deaths of LifeCare patients as undetermined, which seemingly affected the prosecution’s case against Anna Pou. Minyard also believed that the prosecution would have lost the case against Pou if it went to trial, especially when the defense can bring a pathologist like Karch to question the cause of death of each of the LifeCare patients.

Where is Frank Minyard Now?

Frank Minyard died on September 15, 2020, at the age of 91, at his home in Folsom, Louisiana. In 2014, around six years before his death, Minyard retired as the New Orleans Parish coroner.

Even though Minyard had to officially classify the cause of deaths of multiple LifeCare patients as “undetermined,” he personally believes that there is more to those deaths. In the same interview with Sheri Fink, Minyard said that he decided that four of the nine deaths that happened at LifeCare were homicides, including Emmett Everett and Rose Savoie.

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