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GOSSIP GIRL: Sunshine Guimary regrets doing house tour for vlog

Sunshine Guimary

“It was 2 am. The phone was ringing in the middle of the night. I thought it was an emergency, so I answered the phone. It was our village guard asking clearance for some guy I did not know to enter the village because he was supposed to be my visitor. They told me his name and I denied entrance because I did not know him nor did he have an appointment with me at 3 a.m. for goodness’ sake,” recounted the sexy actress after she told the press how she regretted doing a house tour for her vlog.

The star of the upcoming Vivamax movie “House Tour” continued, “At 6 a.m. he was ringing on my door. Apparently, he was able to get into the village and knew exactly where I lived based on the facade of my house, which was featured in my house tour…… I really regret showing all the details of my home. Bilang vlogger at YouTuber darating talaga sa part na mauubusan kayo ng content at once kasi na ‘yung mga suki mong viewers, number one talaga nilang nire-request ‘yung house tour. So nagawa ko nga at I regret talaga na ginawa ko na madetalye na mali ko na hindi ko dapat ginawa .Lahat ng nakatayo sa bahay nasabi ko, ganu’n ka-informative. Nag-regret ako kasi masyadong madetalye pati wardrobe kung saan ko inilalagay lahat ng gamit ko pagdating ko sa bahay. We called the village guards and the police, but he would not leave until he spoke to me, so I went down to talk to him. He said he loved and would protect me from all harm for as long as I will be with him. He bought a ticket from Manila to Cebu and went straight to my home. The problem was it was a one-way ticket because he planned to stay with me for life! He did not have money anymore to return to Manila. I took pity on him and bought him a ticket back to Manila.” 

Sunshine with author Giselle Sanchez

Congratulations Mr. Stalker, upon the kindness of the heart of the sexy viral YouTuber, you win a return ticket from Cebu to Manila and get to have a picture with your screen crush and idol instead of spending one week in the provincial jail of Cebu City. How lucky can you get! It was a hard lesson for Sunshine for revealing too much about herself and her home on YouTube. “Trauma ang nangyari sa akin as in two weeks na hindi ako lumabas at hindi ako puwedeng walang kasama as in ‘yun ang lesson talaga na worst ang nangyari. Kaya inisip ko dito sa movie (House Tour), paano pala kung ganito nangyari, buhay pa kaya ako?” Sunshine tells Gossip Girl. In the movie House Tour, Sunshine portrays an award-winning actress whose house tour went viral on the internet and this information is what the robbers used to enter and steal in her house in the movie. 

The vlogger’s advice to future content providers planning to give a house tour and upload on YouTube. “If you’re planning a house tour, think twice or maybe think 10 times as much.”  House Tour will start streaming in the Vivamax App on Oct. 22. 




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