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Hellhole Plot Synopsis and Ending Explained: What Happens to Marek?

Netflix’s ‘Hellhole’ is a Polish movie, initially entitled, ‘Ostatnia Wieczerza,’ which equates to ‘The Last Supper.’ This horror movie, guided by Bartosz M. Kowalski, is set in 1987 and focuses on an undercover cop called Marek (Piotr Żurawski). He impersonates a monk to enter a monastery and also examine the disappearance of women in the location. After checking out the monastery, Marek uncovers a surprising reality concerning the area, the activities happening within, as well as himself. Here’s whatever you need to learn about the ending.

Hellhole Plot Synopsis

30 years later on, the tale resumes as we see Marek going into the abbey, claiming to be a monk that knows exorcism. He satisfies with Prior Andrzej (Olaf Lubaszenko), who strolls him to his room and also states how the abbey is an asylum for had people. Later, it comes to be clear that Marek is here to search for the absent females.

He partakes in normal activities of the monastery, which include an exorcism, the early morning petition, as well as lunch. Everything seems a little weird to him. Quickly, he finds that the exorcism is organized utilizing several staged techniques. He likewise crosses courses with Piotr, the Sub-Prior or replacement to Andrzej, who informs him that every little thing is a farce as well as the women are drugged, eliminated, as well as buried in the graveyard existing within the monastery’s premises. One more odd thing that happens is Marek notifications a couple of individuals unwilling to eat their lunch, and at one factor, he discovers a tooth in his mouth.

As the movie unravels, Marek finds the graves vacant, validating his uncertainty. The Prior catches him as well as later on force-feeds him 4 plates of the meal he eats. Hereafter, Marek somehow runs away and stumbles upon the cadavers of females whose body parts are cut. Almost promptly, he understands he has been eating human flesh and body organs. At this point, Piotr shows him a book that describes exactly how he is The Chosen One since he has the same mark as the child, disclosing both are the same individual. Piotr informs The Chosen One is meant to start a New World Order. He then continues to aid him flee, but as it turns out, he gets on the Prior’s side.

In the end, the monks that turn out to be worshippers of Satan execute the ritual on Marek, The Chosen One, but absolutely nothing happens. Everyone is let down as the Prior does not know what to do next, and also the team spreads. Later, the Sub-Prior kills the Prior and also the next day educates every person while acting he died of all-natural reasons. He comes to be the Prior, after which, as the group provides its prayers to Andrzej, a creature appears, kills Piotr, and transforms everyone inverted. Presently, the sky opens up, and the movie finishes.

Hellhole Ending: What Happens to Marek?

Marek likely turns right into the Devil or Satan, as prophecized by the book Piotr reveals him. Numerous refined minutes foreshadow what is concerning to occur with Marek. The very first circumstances is at the start of the film.

The 2nd circumstances is when Marek, the undercover cop, gets in the room and also become his bathrobe. When he eliminates his t shirt, there’s a mark on his breast, much like the infant’s mark. The third considerable tip is the discussion in between Marek and the Prior right prior to the exorcism occurs. The Prior discusses why the time of exorcism is necessary. It is exposed that 6 hrs had passed between Judas’ betrayal of Jesus as well as Peter’s third rejection. When Peter, among the 12 Apostles of Jesus, refuted him, Satan assumed he had won, yet as we know, he didn’t. The time now was 6 AM, and also the Prior ends just how Satan is at his weakest at 6 AM.

The next point that is a clue towards Marek’s future is his dishes. Right initially, he does not such as just how his food looks. The 2nd time he consumes it, he throws up as well as discovers a human tooth stuck in his mouth, out of which a fly shows up. The third time he requires himself to consume the food regardless of not wishing to do so. Due to the fact that Piotr alerts Marek that the Prior always has his eyes on him, this is. Even Piotr had actually tried to run away yet was penalized for the very same. Marek admits that he is with the militia exploring the disappearance of ladies in the location. This is when Piotr mentions just how the exorcised females are not had but drugged. Later on, they are killed as well as hidden.

With this details, Marek continues his search as well as discovers that the graves are vacant. Nevertheless, this moment, the Prior catches him. We later on see Marek connected to his bed, and also Andrzej feeds him four plates of the exact same dish. Following this, Marek takes care of to get away as well as finds an area where he sees the bodies of numerous departed women hanging. Various parts of their bodies are reduced, and also Marek realizes he’s been consuming human flesh.

The third circumstances is Piotr’s revelation of a book at the very least 800 years old. Piotr then informs Marek that he can still assist him leave, however regrettably, the Sub-Prior betrays the covert police. All these moments foreshadow Marek’s fate in the motion picture.

In the orgasm, The Prior as well as the other monks in the monastery remain in red robes rather than their brownish ones. Andrzej clarifies exactly how Marek is adjusted right into taking the case of the missing ladies and offered the abbey to complete the ritual of The Chosen One. He goes on to expose that they are the league that have been waiting 800 years for The Chosen One. Pointing to a well, the Prior claims it is hell’s portal. After the routine is total, the Devil will appear from there and also get in Marek’s body.

Far, Marek has “devoured” the 7 sinners in the 7 meals/portions he has consumed. The Prior then brings an “innocent” lady prior to every person. A monk cuts her throat, as well as every person, including Marek, drinks her blood. Following this, The Prior summons the Devil, yet nothing happens. So, Piotr stabs Marek as well as has him tossed into the well while others from the league disperse right into their rooms. Later that night, when the Prior is drunk, he tells Piotr exactly how he is supposed to be the Devil’s Apostle.

This dialogue can be connected with the earlier conversation and the prophecy about The Chosen One. It suggests that Marek is meant to be the Devil’s manifestation. Nevertheless, things do not go as intended, and Piotr chooses to eliminate the Prior while he is intoxicated. The next day, he notifies the league of Andrzej’s death as well as acts that it could be as a result of his aging. Among the bros, apparently a senior clergy member, asks Piotr to take control of the late man’s duties.

In the last scene, when Piotr as well as the bros are providing their prayers to the former Prior, Marek gets up, coughs desperately, as well as sees that his stab injury has actually disappeared. Unexpectedly his body starts bending, as well as his skin wipes out from the body’s surface. Piotr, that is the brand-new Prior, turns into a swarm of flies that go into the well. We after that see a satanic force come out of the well and also into the church. Marek is the satanic force or the Devil or Satan.

We conclude that Marek is the Devil reincarnated based on 3 straightforward instances. Peter was an apostle that refuted Jesus. The Prior points out how he and the league could serve as the new Apostles to the Devil and aid him run the brand-new world. Finally, the Prior likewise admits to Piotr that he is expected to be the Devil’s Apostle. These instances reveal that Marek turns into the Devil or Satan.

Why Does the Sky Open Up?

According to the revelation in the publication, when The Chosen One feasts on the 7 sinners and drinks an innocent’s blood, the world will certainly come to an end. The wall surfaces of the abbey crack, the sky shatters open, as well as blackish-grey components start appearing in the globe.

Due to the fact that of the revelation which states the globe will end, the skies shatters. In the climax, even the Prior discusses that a New World Order will begin. These two points might imply that the brand-new globe will be under the Devil’s rule as well as will basically be in the kind of heck. This is basically why the film is entitled ‘Hellhole.’ It refers to the monastery, the well, which acts as the entrance to hell, as well as the smashed skies where the blackish-grey elements from hell appear in the human globe.

Why Does Piotr Kill the Prior?

Piotr is dissatisfied with just how the Prior doesn’t know what to do next. He asks the brotherhood to distribute, encourages them they are all in this together, stabs Marek, as well as has him tossed into the well.

Later on, after the Prior has actually sunk his dissatisfaction and sorrow in alcohol and also is intoxicated, Piotr makes use of a pillow to suffocate Andrzej as well as eliminate him. He does so due to the fact that he wants to come to be the new Prior as well as take things under his control. In this manner, he’ll lead the brotherhood as well as will not need to deal with disappointment once more.

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