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Here’s the Best Time to Buy the iPhone 13 (If You Don’t Mind Waiting a Bit)

Every new iPhone release is always accompanied by hype and fanfare. So much so that it’s pretty much impossible to get from telco networks Globe, Smart, and even Apple authorized resellers. When it does arrive on our shores, we’re met with extremely high prices—for the first few months, at least.

Eventually, like anything hyped, the price goes down and down until it reaches an all time low. And, believe it or not, a group of researchers has determined exactly when the most significant price drop occurs (which, coincidentally, is the same time it does stop going down).

A new study by e-commerce aggregator iPrice reveals that the iPhone 13’s price is predicted to drop after six months. Researchers looked at previous iPhone drops to come up with the data including the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12. Most of the models dropped prices after the six month mark.

Photo by IPRICE.

Since the iPhone 13 is expected to launch on October 20, you should set your reminders on when to buy the smartphone if you want to save at least P6,959. It’s a long time from now but with the waitlist and all, you’re probably getting your hands on it a bit later than expected anyway. What’s a few months more?

If you’re the type who can wait even longer, here’s something that might change your mind. After the six-month mark, iPrice says the price is only slashed by one percent, which is only a P580 difference. It’s still a lot of money for some people, for sure, but if you’re buying an iPhone, we gather that’s not enough to wait a whole year for.

Check out the full study here.


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