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House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Easter Eggs and Daemon Similarities To Cersei Lannister

The awful results of any queen’s death– the demand for the king to select a new other half– is the subject of House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 2 “The Rogue Prince.” Even though Laena Velaryon is unbelievably underage as well as a Targaryen, most of the court desires Viserys to wed her. Her family is solid. And also it would certainly alleviate stress with the Sea Snake. Yet the king likes Alicent, that might be his adolescent little girl’s closest good friend, however she additionally appreciates unpopular background books as well as is willing to help him with his range version of Old Valyria.

You discovered that Alicent fixed a tiny rock dragon and also used an outfit with peek-a-boo sleeves to win the king’s love? Or how about the fact that Dreamfyre’s egg is the one that Daemon steals?

If some of these details slipped your mind like a Syrax swooping over Dragonstone, it’s totally fine! We’re here to help you discover every Easter egg in Episode 2 of House of the Dragon that you may have missed. Here are some easter eggs that you might have missed out on in House of the Dragon Episode 2 “The Rogue Prince” on HBO, consisting of the backstory on a dragon literally named Dreamfyre and also even more details on the 3 women celebrities cast as Laena Velaryon– Nanna Blondell as well as Savannah Steyn will certainly handle the role from Nova Foueillis-Mosé after multiple durations enters the weeks to come.

Old Valyria History

The Game of Thrones characters understood very little about the Targaryen link with their dragons and even less about the Old Valyrian way of life. Viserys says that his large model city is the center of Old Valyria and that, like Dragonstone, it was carved into a volcano.

He points at something and also claims, “And this was the Anogrion, in which the blood wizards practiced their art.” We currently recognized that the Valyrians had blood mages and that they obtained their power from fire and also blood, yet the Anogrian seems to be an entirely brand-new name in the lore, and I quite possibly would like to know even more!

Alicent compliments Viserys on his accomplishments, and he humbly acknowledges that he did not construct the model city in a sort of darkly humorous symbolic moment. Viserys mentions a volcano where millions of people were and worked used in blood magic practices to strengthen the Valyrians’ power. Once more a dragonlord, Viserys is dependent on outside help to achieve his vision of Old Valyria.

Little Laena More Interested In Dragons

One of the most unsettling scenes in House of the Dragon Episode 2 involves the political maneuverings to wed the widower Viserys to the twelve-year-old Laena Velaryon. Laena is mainly interested in learning from Viserys how it felt to ride Balerion the Black Dread. Viserys does not have a dragon in this period because he connected to the same dragon that Aegon got to ride a century before.

Laena’s passion in Balerion is type of an Easter egg since it is mentioned in Fire & Blood that while everybody is upset that Viserys selected Alicent Hightower over her, Laena is okay with it. Her maester supposedly wrote, “Her ladyship reveals substantially more passion in flying than guys,” in the letter. Congrats to her! Laena will eventually mount Vhagar, the only left to life dragon from Aegon’s Conquest. Vhagar, who was traveled by Visenya, is the earliest and also largest of dragons in this period. We won’t see her sit on the dragon until afterward in the series.

Currently, it’s all right if you’re uncertain regarding that played Laena. In order to fill crucial functions as adults, kids, and teens, House of the Dragon has actually cast a couple of stars. You may currently know that when the show jumps ahead 10 years, Emma D’Arcy and also Olivia Cooke will certainly replace Rhaenyra as well as Alicent, specifically, however there are still 2 even more starlets playing Laena. After a ten-year time jump, Nanna Blondell will certainly take over as Laena from Savannah Steyn, that will certainly play the teenage Laena. There are a lot of Laenas, yet they all have the very same untidy curls as well as defiant nature.


Rhaenyra Targaryen asks about which dragon egg Daemon had taken, and is informed that it was one of Dreamfyre’s. Rhaenyra thereafter sets out to recover the dragon egg, but Episode 2 doesn’t tell any more info about its mother, Dreamfyre.

Luckily, we already recognize a lot about Dreamfyre and her duty in the overall tale thanks to Fire & Blood, the 2018 book that functioned as ideas for House of the Dragon. Without providing any show spoilers, allow’s go over Dreamfyre’s past in the House of the Dragon universe.

Dreamfyre Story In Fire & Blood

Dreamfyre is described in Fire & Blood as a female dragon with silver markings and skin that is a light blue shade. She was birthed under the policy of Aegon the Conqueror and also ultimately formed a link with Princess Rhaena Targaryen, the very first grandchild of Aegon I. Rhaena’s uncle rose to the Iron Throne adhering to the death of Rhaena’s daddy. Rhaena and her spouse Aegon Targaryen were urged to leave King’s Landing along with their dragons Dreamfyre as well as Quicksilver as a result of this. He as well as Quicksilver passed away in the fight Rhaena’s partner battled versus Maegor. Therefore, Rhaena as well as Dreamfyre got away. Rhaena lastly made it out of the Red Keep, regardless of Maegor requiring her to go back to King’s Landing.

Rhaena took a flight with Dreamfyre to visit her brother Jaehaerys, who would later become King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and whose Great Council meeting opens the first episode of House of the Dragon. Throughout Rhaena’s lifespan, Dreamfyre produced an abundance of dragon eggs, to the point where the Lords of Westeros she visited started to ask about purchasing some of Dreamfyre’s eggs.

Dreamfyre has not yet made an appearance in House of the Dragon, it is safe to assume that she is currently just chilling out in the Dragonpit and waiting for a fresh mating attempt. While we won’t reveal who it ultimately turns out to be, viewers of the HBO series House of the Dragon can relax knowing that Dreamfyre will surely make an appearance at some time.

Ser Criston Cole Is Different Than Others

Recently, we found out that the somewhat Dornish knight, Ser Criston Cole, had what it took to beat Prince Daemon in a competition. His real dealing with history provides him a benefit today. We learn extremely at an early stage in Episode 2 “The Rogue Prince” that the wonderful Ser Ryam Redwyne, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, has actually died because of old age. Consequently, Ser Harrold Westerling has been designated Lord Commander, as well as a position is readily available on Team Whitecloak.

Rhaenyra is told to choose the most recent member of the Kingsguard, however she is immediately shut off by the abundant, unskilled knights of the realm. Ser Otto Hightower alerts that the knights she is rejecting are well-connected, however Rhaenyra counters that the Kingsguard’s obligation is to … essentially secure the king. As opposed to a family members connection basis, she would choose the very best feasible candidate to get the setting.

Second, the other knights are equipped with retinues and lavish banners. Last week, when the princess gave the knight a favor, there was a flirtatious exchange between them. Anyway, the Kingsguard now includes a knight with great combat background who, like Corlys and Daemon, has much to prove.

The Second Sons

In the dramatic moment from the ending of House of the Dragon, Corlys Velaryon explains to Daemon Targaryen that, despite having roots in Old Valyria, his family was not a dragonlord. Although having Valyrian ancestry, they were never offered the same respect as people who could stake a claim to a dragon. Due to this, he now holds a grudge against Viserys for their interactions.

It might be a little vague, but the Second Sons, a band of hirelings, were developed following the Doom of Valyria. All heck broke out after the dragonlords left. Mercenary companies and also servant militaries acquired popularity as Dothraki hoards rose to seize cities that had previously been ruled by the Valyrians. One such team was The Second Sons. Considering that the term has a 2nd significance in this world by coincidence, I just think it’s a nice thematic tribute to the setting Corlys as well as Daemon remain in. It’s fascinating to observe that the Targaryens were also considered as the dragonlords’ lower-class household. Because they were the only dragonlords left in existence, they weren’t able to fully develop their strength until they moved to Dragonstone from Valyria.

Putting His Head On A Spike Or To The Wall
King Viserys is confused about what to do as things with Daemon Targaryen have heated up. While Jon Snow joined the Night’s Watch initially, many other characters, including those from King’s Landing, were also sent there. Daemon is, however, spared from such fates for the time being.


Episode 2 takes the audience back to Dragonstone, which was last seen during Game of Thrones season 8, with Daenerys choosing to release her assault on King’s Landing. There are some identifiable musical notes of the theme typically utilized for dragons in Game of Thrones, which brings back the scene on the lengthy road leading up to the castle where Jon Snow first fulfilled Tyrion Lannister before fulfilling Daenerys. This is additionally an opportunity to see Dragonstone in all of its full House Targaryen splendor, fulfilling its role as the dragons’ home in countless ways.

Daemon And Similarities Cersei

One of the Easter eggs in episode 2 describes a famous remark made by Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones season 6 when she says that she will certainly “select physical violence.” This is a smart nod that matches. It’s a brilliant nod that fits with Daemon’s setting as one of the complex as well as powerful personalities in House of the Dragon. Otto provides himself as a cunning planner that will certainly take every opportunity to acquire a benefit with his fake shock, which additionally remembers the High Septon’s scary that Jaime Lannister would certainly “spill blood” in a sanctuary.

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