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How nutritious meals helped an athlete, a teacher and a doctor become successful in life

Gerald Dizon –

September 14, 2021 | 1:20pm

MANILA, Philippines — Success can be measured in a myriad of ways: by the accolades we receive, the material things we acquire, the titles attached to our names and so on. We owe all of these to our hard work and perseverance, but we sometimes forget that the foundations for success start in our homes, especially during our childhood.

In this regard, we thank our moms for doing their best in nourishing us with warm, filling and nutritious food on the table.

Today, however, more and more Filipino families are having less to no access to healthy meals that provide the body the nutrition that it needs. In a recent survey, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) reports that 6 out of 10 households experience “moderate to severe” food insecurity, so much so that children are ending up malnourished. What’s more, two common culprits are also found to hinder proper nutrition: lack of knowledge and limited budget.

Thankfully, there are institutions working to fight malnutrition and championing proper health among Filipino families. Knorr, the global food brand behind Filipino household staples such as Knorr Cubes and Sinigang, is one of them. For over two decades, the brand has played a pivotal role in making Nutri-Sarap meals accessible to all.

Showing how success in life can start from Nutri-Sarap meals, Knorr has recently launched its newest purpose film, featuring the real stories of three Filipinos who came from humble beginnings.

Marc Pingris: Basketball legend, ‘laki sa bulanglang’

How nutritious meals helped an athlete, an educator and a doctor become successful in life

Mark started on the path of sports at a young age. Influenced by PBA games on TV and friends who share the same interest, Mark was determined to play professionally—even if it meant training constantly and sometimes being away from home.

Whenever he did come home, there would always be a warm serving of his mom’s signature bulanglang waiting for him, made more Nutri-Sarap with the help of Knorr.

Even now that he’s retired, he continues to give his children the same foundation of Nutri-Sarap dishes through his mom’s bulanglang recipe.

“I tell my kids that the key to growing healthy and strong is a proper diet filled with vegetables. Of course, I lead by example. My kids eat vegetables because they see that my wife and I eat them too. My wife uses Knorr in preparing meals, turning them into Nutri-Sarap dishes for the family to enjoy” he said.

Teacher Fe: Multi-awarded educator, ‘laki sa tinola’

How nutritious meals helped an athlete, an educator and a doctor become successful in life

An advocate for learning, Teacher Fe started Education Under the Bridge (EUB) in 2010 to teach and inspire kids from less fortunate families. Eleven years later, she and her team continue the noble work, and not even the pandemic can dampen their spirits.

With sheer passion and support from her team, Teacher Fe has adapted to the times by launching EUD Online Classes so she can continue educating Filipino children.

On what inspired her to pursue such a noble cause, she relates that it goes way back to her youth and how she was instilled with the importance of proper nutrition. She recalls how her mom always served Nutri-Sarapmeals, including her favorite tinola.

Through EUB, she can share the same knowledge with her students, in the hopes that they too grow up strong and healthy for a brighter future.

“Helping less fortunate children in a community is not a joke. You must be aware of their needs. As a teacher, I always encourage my pupils to eat foods, especially vegetables. Health is Wealth. They need to be aware of the nutritious foods and relate mga kids of EUB dito,” she shared.

Doc Otit: 1st Tigwahanon Manobo med grad, ‘laki sa ginataang gulay’

How nutritious meals helped an athlete, an educator and a doctor become successful in life

As a young Tigwahanon Manobo from Bukidnon—childhood had been tough but memorable for Joeffrey Mambucon, or Doc Otit as he’s better known. He recalls that even just going to school proved challenging, with all the walking they had to do and the rivers they had to cross.

Despite the odds, he persevered. Today, he is the first Tigwahanon Manobo Lumad from Bukidnon with a double degree.

“I feel blessed and honored. Who would have thought that this mountain boy will be having his license as a physician to serve his fellow Manobo?” he said.

He shares that the key to achieving one’s dreams come in two-fold: Aim high and eat vegetables!

“Fly high and dream big. Do not be ashamed when your ulam is just gabi leaves. Eat it because that simple vegetable will help you achieve your dreams. Who knows, one day you might be able to say ‘Lasap ko na ang sarap ng aking tugumpay bilang RN, MD,’” he said.

Hear more about the stories of Marc, Teacher Fe and Doc Otit, through Knorr’s latest purpose film:

Indeed, these inspiring stories prove how nutri-sarap dishes can help fuel big dreams. Marc, Teacher Fe and Doc Otit set an example for moms and their kids who dream of similar successes in life.

With Knorr’s Nutri-Sarap Nutrition Program, healthy and delicious meals shouldn’t have to be out of reach. Through this program, Knorr is poised to educate families everywhere on the value of good nutrition and the various ways they can achieve it—even with a limited budget.

More than just delicious, Knorr’s products now contain essential nutrients, from Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok Mix Original with Vitamin C to the popular Knorr Chicken and Pork Broth Cubes—now a source of Iron.

How nutritious meals helped an athlete, an educator and a doctor become successful in life

“We believe that Knorr has an important role to play in addressing the problem of malnutrition,” Unilever Philippines Vice President for Foods and Refreshments Kristine Go said.

“Given our reach and our portfolio of nutritious and delicious products, we are in a position to make a real difference,” she ended.

For more information on Knorr’s efforts and how you too can make Nutri-Sarap meals at home, visit their website at Shop directly for Knorr recipes online via Go Robinsons or via Waltermart.

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