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Is High Water Andrzej Rebacz Based on a Real Person?

Netflix’s ‘High Water’ (likewise known as ‘Wielka Woda’ in Polish) is a drama collection developed by Anna Kępińska as well as based upon the real-life Millennium Flood, which struck Poland, parts of the Czech Republic, as well as Germany in 1997. The collection is a dramatized retelling of the devastating flood as hydrologist Jasmina Tremer does her finest to prevent the crisis.

Andrzej Rebacz, a Polish citizen, returns to his hometown near Wrocław and also unexpectedly locates himself in the eye of the storm. Since real events influence the series, visitors have to wonder if Rebacz is based upon a real person. Because case, right here is every little thing you require to learn about the ideas behind Andrzej Rebacz in ‘High Water.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Andrzej Rebacz?

Andrzej returns to the village as his dad’s wellness weakens. Soon, Andrzej finds out that a substantial flooding will certainly be hitting Wrocław.

The authorities prepare to destroy the flooding financial institutions near Kęty to divert the water circulation and save the city. Subsequently, it would certainly cause the flood to damage homes in the village. The citizens oppose this strategy as well as mount resistance. Andrzej adheres to in his papa’s steps and also leads the rebellion causing the authorities terminating their plan to ruin the flood banks. In the collection, star Ireneusz Czop essays the function of Andrzej Rebacz. Customers could identify the actor from his performance as Polish mountaineer Maciej Berbeka in the drama film ‘Broad Peak.’

Is Andrzej Rebacz Based on Real Person?

Andrzej Rebacz is not based on any single real person. In a meeting, actor Ireneusz Czop exposed the motivation behind his character in the series. Czop specified that his character was developed from a tale point of view as well as writer Kasper Bajon attracted ideas from the tales of various real people impacted by the Millennium Flood in 1997. The actor discussed that Andrzej as well as his link to the village of Kęty are imaginary, as the real flood banks were positioned elsewhere. However, the personality’s experiences and also journeys are loosely based on stories of real heroes that struggled for their neighborhoods during the flooding.

Czop included that while he was not in straight contact with individuals that motivated his personality. Rather, he read about their stories from Bajon. On the other hand, the actor had seen the flooding’s devastation first-hand. Because of this, he had the ability to draw from individual experiences while depicting the character in the collection.

Eventually, ‘High Water’ is among the real-life Millennium Flood that created chaos in several parts of Poland in 1997. The collection greatly dramatizes real events as well as uses fictional characters to analyze the influence of the all-natural catastrophe. It is no surprise that the character of Andrzej Rebacz is an imaginary development.

However, the manufacturers include a layer of credibility around the personality by rooting him real experiences of those influenced by the flood. As a result, the collection enables viewers to experience the hardships faced by residents of Poland throughout among the most disastrous disasters in the nation’s history. The story of Andrzej Rebacz series stresses the relevance of staying true to one’s origins as well as highlights the public spirit that helped the citizens make it through throughout the flooding.

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