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Ivana Alawi debuts her shortest hairstyle yet

Fans of Ivana Alawi were thrilled to see the 24-year-old actress-vlogger looking fresh in a new hairstyle.

Ivana flaunted a short bob hairstyle in a photo she uploaded on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

In a vlog uploaded on YouTube on the same day, Ivana is seen bonding with her family.

In her narration, she says her new hairstyle was done at the Korean salon Zero 1 Story in Bonifacio Global City.

Ivana clarifies she wasn’t going through a heartbreak, the reason why some women often do a hair makeover.

The PPL talent shares she was inspired to imitate the short hairdo of Lalisa Manoban of the K-pop supergroup BlackPink.

She says, “Gusto ko lang ng something different. Hindi naman ako broken-hearted or what. Pero idol ko si Lisa kaya gagayahin ko yung short hair niya. Ang ganda, inspired by Lalisa.”

Ivana and her go-to hairstylist Renz Pangilinan have been experimenting with different hairstyles for her various photo shoots.

In December 2020, she donned short hair with soft curls for a shoot with jewelry brand LVNA by Drake Dustin Ibay.

For a vlog in June 2021, she transformed herself into her “virtual brother” named “Ivan Alawi” in a pixie haircut.


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