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Jack Daniel’s Honey and The Bee Conservancy Want The World To “Bee” A Better Place

September was short and sweet which is fitting for what’s recently been dubbed “National Honey Month.” As such, the importance of bees in our eco system has never been more clear. Jack Daniel’s Honey and The Bee Conservancy have joined forces to remind you to put your honey where your mouth is. Their partnership SAVE THE BEES is a call out for awareness and education culminating in a dinner sponsored by the 1 Hotel Central Park which they say will be an annual event to celebrate every September. The event boasted hands on honeycomb lifting, art by Lori Tannis and a honey inspired menu featuring sustainable ingredients at 1 Hotel Central Park. 

The partnership was a no-brainer according to a spokesperson. “Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey supports the mission of The Bee Conservancy and we are aligned with their commitment to protecting bees, strengthening habitat and building communities together.”

Bee artwork and Jack Daniel’s Honey collaboration.

Jack Daniel’s

Rebecca Louie, Managing Director and Guillermo Fernandez, founder of The Bee Conservancy and Executive Director were also in attendance. Rebecca’s take on the partnership is clear. “We are so grateful for the support of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, whose generous donation helps us advance environmental stewardship and protect bees through education, habitat creation, and advocacy. Bees are a keystone species, fundamental to countless ecosystems, and they are in crisis. With 40% of honey bee colonies failing each year, and 1 in 4 of North America’s 4,000 native bee species at risk of extinction, it’s essential that we safeguard the precious pollinators responsible for 1 in 3 bites of food we eat, and who pollinate 80% of the worlds flowering plants.”

The Honeybee Conservancy was founded in 2009 by Guillermo Fernandez. His actions were in direct response to bees decline which he saw as a global crisis. By 2020, The Honeybee Conservancy became The Bee Conservancy with a specific focus on “protecting all bees and securing environmental and food justice through education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy. The Bee Conservancy’s initiatives, such as their flagship program Sponsor-a-Hive, have served hundreds of thousands of people across the United States, and protected an estimated 10 million bees to date.”

The honey is sweet but Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is making things even sweeter by donating $50,000 to The Bee Conservancy to gather and celebrate the importance of Saving the Bees culminating in an auction for some also sweet prizes. Winners are announced September 30th. Last second chances to bid can be found here with all proceeds going directly to The Bee Conservancy.

The “Roses from Jack” Cocktail at the 1 Hotel Central Park.

Jack Daniel’s

Bernd Pichler, General Manager of 1 Hotel Central Park, knew without a doubt that the partnership was a fit. “As a sustainability pioneer in the hospitality industry, embracing the natural world is second nature to us at 1 Hotel Central Park. The opportunity to host the Jack Honey Dinner in support of bee conservation during National Honey Month finishing off Fashion week with trends that will never go out of fashion – like sustainable efforts and bee conservation, one of the city’s most iconic times of the year, is immensely rewarding.” 

The members of each team all felt called to action. Pablo Lopez, LITO Creative affirms offering similar sentiments. “The purpose of our boutique agency is to connect communities and amplify meaningful causes through experiential moments – small brands and big. This project to create a memorable dinner experience with the focus on Saving the Bees was one we felt like all of our friends would love to attend and that’s exactly how it all came together. Highlighting the efforts of The Bee Conservancy and ways to contribute toward saving the bees felt immensely rewarding.”

The Jack Daniel’s Honey with their signature cocktail.

Jack Daniel’s

Too late to join the auction? No problem. Says the Jack Daniel’s team. “Right now we are primarily working with Bee Conservancy to help raise awareness of their mission, in addition to our monetary contribution. This is the first year we’ve made a donation to TBC and we are excited to help them get their message out. We’ve also teamed up with Texas Roadhouse Link all to help raise awareness and funds.”

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