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Janella Salvador Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Journey + Getting Liposuction: ‘Don’t forget to take steps towards your own happiness’

Janella Salvador recently opened up about her postpartum body and weight loss journey in an Instagram post. The new mom shared photos of her current look as well as pics from when she had just given birth to her son Jude Trevor Paterson



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Janella Salvador’s weight loss journey 

Janella shared that while she was pregnant, she promised herself she would “never forget self-care,” but that it was easier said than done. “I lost all the remaining ‘vanity’ that I had in me the moment Jude came into my life. My life revolved around him. Even just a trip to the grocery made me feel guilty because I felt like I could be spending time with him instead. I felt like I had to be with him 24/7. I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed every moment and I still do.” 

Janella wrote that during the first few months of being a mom, she “hid” behind loose clothing and that because she was sleep-deprived, she overate and was “40 pounds heavier” than her ideal weight. 

“Of course, gaining weight is totally normal after giving birth…But there comes a time where you want to be healthy and regain your strength. My goal has always been to be strong enough to take care of the household so I did not want to resort to unhealthy crash diets. Working in a physical industry that relies so much on looks didn’t help with the pressure either. I knew that eventually, I needed to start working again.” 

Aside from exercising, Janella revealed that she got liposuction, even though she was afraid to do so at first. She said it turned out to be the best decision for her and she has since regained her confidence.

She ended her post with some encouraging words, saying, “To all the mamas out there, enjoy every part of your journey and don’t pressure yourself. At the end of the day, what matters most is the health and happiness of your baby. But don’t forget to take steps towards your own happiness.” 



In July, Janella shared that she was 13 pounds away from her postpartum weight goal, writing on Insta: “I was thinking if I should post this or not because I’m not yet where I want to be in terms of my postpartum weight-loss goals and I still have 13 pounds to go. But why not? I’m proud of my progress. Let’s go, momma.” At that time, PEP reported that Janella seemed to be doing a lot of cardio workouts at her home gym.


Janella gave birth to Jude, her son with Markus Paterson, in October 2020. She got candid about the *unglamorous* mom life on IG Stories earlier this year, saying:  “Never thought I’d say this, but…Today, I got both pooped and puked on, and [I] picked out some huge boogers from a tiny nose with my bare hands. But all I feel is love in my heart. The icky life of a mum. I love it.”


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