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Joyce Pring, Sophie Albert reiterate: handwashing is added protection against COVID-19

February 14, 2022 | 2: 28pm

MANILA, Philippines — Handwashing remains one amongst the single precautions in opposition to COVID-19 alongside social distancing, carrying of face masks and vaccination. With the emergence of COVID-19 variants, one component remains constant—the safety protocols mandated by experts aimed toward lowering COVID-19 transmissions. 

COVID-19 infections amongst young of us were rising ensuing from the emergence of fresh variants, which leads fogeys to contemplate more recommendations on how they would double-up their young of us’s protection in opposition to the virus. Even TV personalities and actresses equivalent to Joyce Pring and Sophie Albert were taking additional precautions particularly since they’ve newborns. 

TV personality and host Joyce Pring finished an experiment in her vlog showcasing how Safeguard effectively removes germs from fingers by a germ simulation experiment. 

The use of Glo Germ gel and UV light, this experiment aimed to instruct the stickiness of germs and why trusty hand hygiene is crucial in maintaining you from illness-causing germs and bacteria. The use of Safeguard Pure White Foaming Hand Cleansing soap and following the immediate steps and duration of trusty handwashing, the blacklight displayed successful elimination of your whole germs in Joyce’s fingers. 

Joyce also had a chat with P&G’s main scientist for Asia, Center East and Africa, David Khoo, on the importance of trusty handwashing in maintaining oneself from germs and bacteria. 

One of the most indispensable first aspects mentioned had been the upright manner of washing fingers, the 7 steps of trusty handwashing and the fact within the abet of Safeguard’s 99.9% germ protection claim. 

When asked if Safeguard’s claim that it can elevate away 99.9% changed into magnificent, Dr. Kho outlined, “We wouldn’t put a claim esteem that with out trying out, we’re eager about trying out. The manner we develop it is we apply a particular quantity of take a look at germ on a particular person’s hand or on a sample of man-made skin and then we elevate away or wash it with a safeguard cleaning soap and then we take a look at the germs that stay after that.”

Safeguard would not only protect in opposition to 99.9% of germs and bacteria, but it also keeps the skin healthy regardless of frequent handwashing.

In a separate vlog, actress and TV personality Sophie Albert did an experiment trying out Safeguard’s and other handwashing stamp’s pH phases. 

It printed that Safeguard’s Pure White Liquid Hand Cleansing soap is pH balanced, whereas the replace stamp went beyond the vary of fine pH stage. 

Unbalanced hand soaps absorb the tendency of disrupting the skin’s protective barrier, leaving it dried and annoyed. That is amazingly harmful for young of us provided that they’ve more gentle and still skin. 

COVID-19 transmissions were step by step growing the past few weeks. Now bigger than ever, every person have to strictly adhere to frequent correctly being protocols equivalent to social distancing, carrying of face masks, receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and handwashing to offer protection to oneself from the virus. 

It’s equally crucial to purchase a tried and tested stamp to scrub your fingers with in show to be particular that fingers are agreeable from illness-causing germs and bacteria, whereas putting ahead a healthy skin barrier regardless of frequent handwashing. 

PAMET-immediate Safeguard has Infinishield know-how the put it inhibits the copy of germs and bacteria and protects in between washes leaving within the abet of particles that act as a protective protect in opposition to germs and bacteria. 

Safeguard’s improvements in germ protection take care of them the country’s most trusted stamp in germ protection for over 55 years, making the stamp a family title. 

Support your fingers free from illness-causing germs and bacteria whereas preserving it healthy and moisturized by taking a request your Safeguard essentials in leading supermarkets, drugstores, Shopee or Lazada. 

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