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KC Concepcion: ‘Sometimes you just want to be babied…’

Is KC Concepcion longing for her mother Sharon Cuneta’s love and affection?

Some netizens believe so forming the opinion as based on KC’s most recent Instagram post.

The video shows her walking by her lonesome.

A voice-over is heard saying: “Just another day of me going to work because who else is going to take me on trips? Who else is going to buy me a house? Who else is going to pay for my nails? Me!”

Then this text: “Tell me… who?

In the caption, the daughter of Sharon and Gabby Concepcion deemed herself an “independent woman” but reiterated: “…sometimes you just want to be babied.”

She asked: “Is it bad to want thisss?”

Many believe the post might be related to her mother’s recent comment relating to her relationship with KC and Kakie, her daughter with Senator Kiko Pangilinan.

A netizen called out Sharon for alleged “favoritism” favoring Kakie over KC.

Sharon retorted: “You obviously know nothing about us and because I am their mother, you cannot expect me to talk badly about any of my children. Remember, we are all human beings, we all can be hurt by those we love. And generally speaking, kahit 100 na tao ang mahal mo, doon ka mapapalapit sa sobrang nagmamahal at rumerespeto sayo.”




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