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KD Estrada breaks down after tearful conversation with Anji Salvacion, ‘PBB’ psychologist explains situation

Anji Salvacion and KD Estrada (YouTube)

The recent episode of “Pinoy Big Brother” was filled with different emotions.

This after Anji Salvacion had a tearful conversation with her co-celebrity housemate KD Estrada.

In there, Anji set things straight in case there’s a misunderstanding about their relationship.

Their conversation:

Anji: “You know, I still could feel that you like me.”

KD: “I’m losing it.”

Anji: “I hope na you wouldn’t take what happened yesterday, like we’re alone, in a wrong way.”

KD: “I won’t. I don’t.”

Anji: “To be honest here, I wanted to like set boundaries din. I care for you K as a friend. As a friend. And I hope you really do understand.”

KD: “Yeah. I understand that.”

Anji: “No, you don’t.”

KD: “Anji, you can’t just lose feelings in like a day.”

Anji: “I know, but the thing is, that we really need to set distance, boundaries.”

KD: “I know. Yeah. I didn’t take yesterday as a wrong… I took it as a friend.”

Anji: “Basta, really, I wanna be straight na there will never be a chance. I wanted to say this to you, there will never be a chance na for us to have a romantic relationship. I care for you as a friend. The only thing I could offer you is my friendship and I hope you would understand that talaga. Kasi sometimes what you’re saying to me is very different from your actions. I don’t want na umabot tayo like na magka-awkward-an. Mas mahihirapan tayo to like move on and stuff kasi you’re still like catching those feelings.”

KD: “Okay. Yeah. You’re right in a way. But yesterday, I didn’t see it as a chance na… I wish you knew my intention talaga. I know you can’t trust me when it comes to this, but yesterday, I saw it, you were a friend. I didn’t see it as anything more. I’m trying my best to improve here. I’m doing my best to improve, I’m doing my best to move on.”

Anji: “You know that I care for you and I think this would help din kasi we really need din to set boundaries. Kasi I know how you feel and I don’t feel the same thing. I hope you really do understand.”

KD: “Anji, can you please… I’m trying my best.”

Anji: “Are you?”

KD: “I am. I’m doing my best. I know there’s never a chance and that hurts. And right now, yes, it’s still hurting. It’s still hurting.”

Anji: “You know that I care for you as a friend.”

KD: “I know.”

Anji: “And I don’t want you to lose yourself by… kasi you’ll lose focus.”

KD: “Yeah.”

Anji: “…and it’s really not helping. I want you to move on.”

KD: “I want to move on.”

Anji: “There will never be a chance, I hope you understand that friendship is all I could offer to you.”

KD: “Yeah.”

Anji: “I’ll respect you as a friend and I hope you’ll respect that din – my decision. And I hope that you’ll respect yourself by moving on.”

KD: “Can you at least tell me why we can’t?”

Anji: “You know why? It’s because this is not… this is not what I came here for.”

KD: “I know.”

Anji: “Because I don’t want pala to have this kind of relationship.”

KD: “What kind of relationship?”

Anji: “This thing that you’re giving to me. That you want us to be. I don’t like it that way. I’m sorry. But I really have to say it to you because I saw that you’re not moving on.”

Later, KD was apologetic to Anji.

“I’m sorry that you put through all of that,” said he, where Anji reiterated that KD doesn’t have to feel that way.

“No, I’m sorry that I have to put you all through that. I’m sorry I gave you everything na wala ng natira sa akin. And I’m sorry that I still just feel the same way even if you don’t.”

“Sorry for all the trouble I caused sa family mo din. But I just want you to know, I wish, I wish you knew how much hurt I’ve got through the past few months. I’m sorry that my hurt also hurt you. Whatever I was going through, nadamay ka – I’m sorry dun.

“And I’m sorry if I seem such I’m the worst person in the world but it just hurt that you said that you never felt the same way. But I want you to know that whatever I feel was real. And it was not just because you were there for me when I had this condition, it is – I felt it way before.

“And all these months just turned that you never felt the same hurts. But it’s okay and I wish it was just me instead of Kuya John (Adajar, the first evictee) so I could go somewhere else. Thank you na lang for… thank you for giving me love because at least I know how it felt for someone to accept me the way I am and then got tired.”

Anji’s confrontation happened after co-housemate TJ Valderrama talked to the singer-model about her actions, which allegedly gave KD the wrong interpretation particularly with their history.

Note that during the past episodes, Anji and KD shared with other housemates that aside from being workmates on “ASAP,” they had a “mutual understanding” relationship prior to their “PBB” stint.

“Every time I see her, I can’t help but smile,” KD shared co-housemate Alexa Ilacad.

But he shared Anji had to get away from their relationship.

The reason? KD thinks he emotionally drained her.

“I felt like she was being bombarded,” he said. “I always thought maybe I could win her back but right now I’ll just… seeing her happy is already enough na siguro.”

Meanwhile, Anji opened up to her co-housemate Samantha Bernardo that KD is his “crush” too.

But during their relationship, Anji said she always feeling down.

“Parang I was losing na po myself, palagi na lang po akong umiiyak kasi i-blame myself why he’s like that, why he’s having that. And then dun ko na po naisip na dapat itigil ko na to kasi baka mas lalala to, mahirapan ako makawala po,” Anji said.

Later, after staying inside the “PBB” house for some weeks, Anji admitted that KD makes her “uncomfortable.”

“Always like, (I’m) responsible whenever he’s having attacks,” was how he put it, referring to KD’s anxiety.

“PBB” resident psychologist Dr. Randy Dellosa explained the situation of KD and Anji.

“Unang-una, alam naman natin na may pinagdadaanan si KD. So he’s a person who is more emotionally needy. And that’s not the bad thing,” he said.

“And dito naman pumasok si Anji, because Anji is a good friend, she’s very supportive emotionally and dito nakakuha ng support si KD. So for a while they were a good team – Anji was helping KD. Pero of course, alam naman natin na it’s also tiring emotionally and sometimes people get so tired taking care that they also need to take care of themselves.”

On the other hand, Anji reiterated that she wanted KD to grow without depending on her.

KD then broke down after the tearful conversation, that she asked Alexa’s comfort.

The actress-singer advised KD: “Let’s not this affect you getting better, okay? Ilabas na natin si Anji sa buhay mo. Pero let’s focus on you and only you, okay? I know this sucks, I know this hurts more than anything in the world right now but it will make you stronger and it will equip you for the next special someone that will come into your life, okay? I want you to take your time and help yourself, okay? Only you will focus on yourself. And you can get better without her, okay?”

“PBB’s” Kuya also shared his two cents.

“KD, parehas kayong may pinagdadaanan ni Anji. Na masakit para sayo, masakit dahil may pagmamahal. Pero KD subukan mong lakasan ang loob. Subukan mong maging matatag dahil ipinapangako ko sayo na ang sakit na nararamdaman mo ngayon unti-unti rin yang mababawasan.

“Siguro hindi agad-agad, hindi ngayon, pero mag tiwala ka na darating ang araw ay bubuti ka rin. Kung ano man ang naging desisyon ni Anji, ginawa niya yun dahil yun ang tingin niya na makakabuti para sa kanya at para sayo. At kung nasaktan ka man sa proseso bahagi yun ng pagmamahal mo sa kanya.”




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