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Korean drama ‘Snowdrop’ airs finale; last 2 episodes in top 10 TV shows

TV channel JTBC’s controversial Korean drama “Snowdrop,” starring Jung Hae-in and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, ended with the relieve-to-relieve airing of episodes 15 and 16 on Jan. 30.

In step with Nielsen Korea, episodes 15 and 16 on Jan. 30 obtained nationwide ratings of 2.773 percent and (eight position) and 3.393 percent (sixth position) in the final programming cable TV in accordance with complete households subscribed to paid platforms in South Korea.

Jung Hae-in and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo in a on the relieve of-the-scenes photo all the procedure in which through the filming of “Snowdrop” (Instagram)

BLACKPINK Jisoo with the other solid contributors of “Snowdrop” (Instagram)

The 3.393 percent is the 2nd perfect nationwide rating “Snowdrop” obtained in its entire bustle after 3.898 percent for episode 2 on Dec. 19. Episode 14 on Jan. 29 obtained a nationwide rating of 2.749 percent (10th position).

Based mostly on the collection of viewers, episodes 15 and 16 on Jan. 30 were watched by 693,000 (sixth position) and 846,000 of us (fourth position) nationwide.

The drama “Uncle,” starring Oh Jung-se, aired its closing episode on Jan. 30 and led to first position nationwide with 7.775 percent.

In the Seoul metropolitan home, episodes 15 and 16 of “Snowdrop” obtained ratings of 2.734 percent (eight position) and 3.438 percent (fifth position).

Based mostly on the collection of viewers, episodes 15 and 16 were watched by 300,000 of us (sixth position) and 359,000 of us (fourth position). Episode 14 on Jan. 29 used to be watched by 338,000 of us (fifth position).

“Snowdrop” garnered a median rating of 2.74 percent for its 16 episodes.

“Snowdrop” tells the story of political conspiracy and espionage against the backdrop of the 1987 Korean presidential election and romance. In the drama, the South and North Korean governments conspire for political energy.

Jung Hae-in is Im Soo-ho, a 27-year-light graduate student who’s a North Korean behold despatched to South Korea for a mission.

Jisoo is 20-year-light Eun Young-ro, a first year faculty student at Hosoo Girls’s College. They meet all the procedure in which through a crew blind date after which Eun Young-ro falls in fancy with him.

Before and all the procedure in which through its bustle, “Snowdrop” used to be enveloped in controversy after Koreans accused the drama of disparaging the pro-democracy circulation and beautifying the light Company for National Safety Planning (ANSP), which, of direction, used to be linked to torture and killings all the procedure in which through its time. The ANSP is now the present National Intelligence Carrier (NIS).

A day after “Snowdrop” aired its first episode on Dec. 18, a nationwide petition aiming to discontinue the airing of the drama used to be filed on the site of the office of President Moon Jae-in, accusing it of distorting Korean historical past.

The petition ended on Jan. 19 with 365,119 signatories. The Korean govt has yet to answer the petition as required when a petition reaches 200,000 signatories in 30 days.

Complaints were filed before the Korea Communications Requirements Commission (KCSC) and corporations pulled out their sponsorships for the drama.

Lee Kyung-ran, director of the Lee Han-yeol Memorial Museum, likened “Snowdrop” to glorifying the Nazis, who were mainly accountable for the Holocaust, or the killing of about six million Jews in Europe in the 1940s all the procedure in which through World War II.

Lee Han-yeol used to be a student at Yonsei College in the 1980s. In an illustration on campus on June 9, 1987, Lee Han-yeol used to be struck in the head by a police stir gasoline canister. He died on July 5, 1987.

On Dec. 21, a citizen filed a complaint with Korea’s Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission against “Snowdrop” screenwriter Yoo Hyun-mi and director Jo Hyun-tak for violation of the nation’s National Safety Act, which targets “to get the safety of the Instruct and the subsistence and freedom of nationals, by regulating any anticipated actions compromising the safety of the Instruct.”

The complainant said, “JTBC made a quandary that a behold who led the democratization circulation didn’t appear, which is absurd.” He added that depicting a behold living in romance in the background of the democratization circulation generation in Korea is clearly a beautification of spies.

The childhood crew The Declaration of World Citizen in Korea filed an injunction on Dec. 22 with the Seoul Western District Court to peep an injunction to discontinue the airing of “Snowdrop.” On Dec. 29, the court dismissed the application for an injunction.




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