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LOL, Lee Jung Jae Said That *This Scene* In ‘Squid Game’ With Jung Ho Yeon Was Improvised

Don’t you just love it when Korean actors add their ~own touch~ in a K-drama? Also called ad-libs, this is a moment when they deliver something spontaneous that ends up being an amazing clip! Case in point: Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon‘s scene in Squid Game.

If you can remember, Gi Hoon (Jung Jae) and Sae Byeok (Ho Yeon) have already met before they joined the game. In episode one, we saw the desperate Gi Hoon running for his life after the lenders found him. This is the time when he bumped into Sae Byeok who was holding a cup of coffee.

Youtube/netflix korea

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Being the kind man that he is, Gi Hoon apologized to Sae Byeok despite his *limited time* and picked up her cup of coffee. He also tried to put the straw back in the cup and…we saw him struggle for a bit.

Youtube/netflix korea

This exact scene was actually improvised and Lee Jung Jae revealed it during their guesting in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! According to the veteran actor, there were other ad-libs in Squid Game but this one was *truly* unforgettable, LOL!

youtube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jung Jae added that he was only supposed to pick up the cup and give it back to Ho Yeon but he changed his mind after seeing the straw. This part made her laugh so hard that she had to keep her head down! We’d probably do the same if we were in her shoes, haha.

youtube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Sooooo, it’s confirmed: Those TikTok videos where Ho Yeon’s shoulders were found bouncing up and down is actually her shaking with laughter! 

Youtube/netflix korea

Now we’re wondering what other scenes in the drama were improvised. Anyways, you can watch the full interview of Jimmy Fallon with the Squid Game cast right here:

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