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‘Macross Plus Movie Edition’ Is Coming To Theaters This December

‘Macross Plus Movie Edition’ was originally released back in 1995.

Big West

The 1995 anime film Macross Plus Movie Edition will finally receive its U.S. theatrical premiere this December.

If you remember, back in April we finally heard the news that the ongoing rights battle between Harmony Gold and Big West over Macross and Robotech had been resolved. This meant, in theory, that prior works of Macross would be able to be released outside of Japan.

It took a fair few months, but the first fruits of this resolved legal situation are now coming forth, which in this case would be Macross Plus.

Initially released as a four-part OVA back in 1994, Macross Plus was both an interesting spin-off and a continuation of the main Macross timeline and narrative.

Dealing with a competition to select a new variable fighter to protect humanity, between that of the YF-21 and YF-19, Macross Plus also had to deal with the birth of artificial intelligence in the form of the virtual idol Sharon Apple.

Much of Macross Plus turned out to be quite prophetic, something that Shoji Kawamori talked about in detail when I spoke with him a few years back. That makes the timing of this theatrical release all the more pertinent really.

With music by Yoko Kanno and direction by Shinichiro Watanabe, who would both go on to work on anime such as Cowboy Bebop, Macross Plus was a tour de force in terms of 90s anime. Something the Movie Edition took to new heights with some of the best animation of the era.

So the fact that the Movie Edition is finally coming Westward theatrically after all this time is something I can definitely get behind.

Courtesy of Fathom Events, the subtitled version of Macross Plus Movie Edition will be shown in theaters on December 14. While tickets aren’t quite on sale yet, they will be soon via the event’s official site.

In the meantime, the fully localized Japanese Blu-ray box set can be imported from places such as Amazon Japan and comes highly recommended.

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