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Metro’s new show to talk about relationships and intimacy

What are the new rules of dating and intimacy? How do you actually date while you’re in a lockdown? Metro will talk about issues on love, sex, and relationships in the new show “Love and Sex with Doc Rica” starting this Thursday (Oct. 7), 9 pm on FYE channel on Kumu.

Hosted by sex therapist and media personality Dr. Rica Cruz, the former Metro.Style love and relationships section editor and host of “The Sexy Minds” and “Conservative Ako” podcasts will shed light on issues on sexual health and wellbeing along with special guest experts and personalities.

Doc Rica is someone who is not afraid to talk about difficult topics. Her expertise focuses on Filipino sexual behaviors with an emphasis on pleasure and relationship satisfaction. She also believes that sexual empowerment for Filipinos is sexier than sex.

The former Metro section editor was also the featured speaker in last May’s successful Metro MomCon in the Sex and Cocktails segment with host Delamar Arias. 

Don’t miss the premiere of “Love and Sex with Doc Rica” this Thursday (Oct. 7), 9 pm on FYE Channel on kumu! Download the kumu app now:




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