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Michelle Madrigal on failed marriage: ‘We were both unhappy’

Michelle Madrigal recently opened about her failed marriage to Troy Woolkfolk.

In a vlog post on Thursday, the actress maintained, “We were both unhappy,”

“I think the reason why this marriage did not work was because we’re not really compatible at all.”

Michelle and Troy had a baby only few months after meeting on Tinder.

They welcomed their daughter Anika in 2017, going on to tie the knot in 2019.

She explained, “I was in love. And that’s the chemistry. Whenever you’re together, there’s the energy, the fire. You may or may not like the same things, but you kind of ignore that when you have that chemistry because you’re so focused on that energy.”

She then shared with fans the lesson she learned: “The most important part is being compatible with someone … if your relationship is just fueled with chemistry, then it’s not gonna last.”




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