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Michelle Madrigal On Self-Love: ‘You should never feel bad for being selfish with your time’

ICYDK, former actress Michelle Madrigal is now a wellness coach based in the United States! Michelle’s a doting mom to her daughter Anika, who is turning four years old this year, and is also active on YouTube where she now has 118 thousand subscribers.

In a new vlog called How To Get Back On Track & Love Yourself, Michelle said that for her, self-love is “honoring yourself, honoring your happiness without sacrificing your own needs just to please others, taking care of yourself, and setting boundaries.” 

Michelle said prioritizing herself became more important when she had a baby, and stressed that in order for moms to take care of their kids, they need to take care of themselves first. 

“They need you 24/7…It takes a toll on your body, and I was already highly stressed prior to that because I didn’t have a self-care routine. I would just wake up, drink coffee, and then be on autopilot. Take care of other people, take care of your child,” she shared. “And you come home, and you feel empty at the end of the day because you feel like you didn’t give enough time for yourself. And that’s exactly how I felt.”

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This resulted in her creating a self-care routine where she got up before everyone else was up! Here’s her daily routine, which starts at five o’clock in the morning:  

YOUTUBE/Michelle Madrigal

Michelle added that it’s not wrong to be “selfish”: “Yes, you could be selfish. And you should never feel bad for being selfish with your time. You get to choose who you want to hang out with, you get to choose who you want to keep in your circle. You get to choose all of those things. So be very mindful with your time and the people you surround yourself with, because it’s going to affect your life.” 

“What I learned from a friend is ‘Everyday is an opportunity, not an obligation.’ I was like, ‘You are so right!’ So why would you want to live for others and not for yourself?” 

You can watch Michelle’s full self-love vlog below: 


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