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Monkey Shoulder Wants Joel McHale To Crash Your First Date

Joel McHale and Monkey Shoulder are ready to crash your first date

Courtesy of Monkey Shoulder

You know what might make a first date slightly less awkward — or at the very least significantly more entertaining? Being roasted by cocktail loving comedy genius, Joel McHale. That’s right, as we enter into cuffing season there are more and more first dates to be had. With the help of Monkey Shoulder and Joel McHale, one lucky couple is going to “stick it to stuck up first dates” with a night they surely won’t forget anytime soon.

When it comes to dating (especially first dates) many daters prioritize being “impressive” over genuine, and end up coming off a little contrived and pompous as a result. Monkey Shoulder might be an award-winning Scotch whisky, but they don’t “do” pompous.

“There’s so many people who hear Scotch and immediately think of someone in a tweed jacket with a snifter reading the Oxford English dictionary, but that’s the complete opposite of what Monkey Shoulder is about,” says McHale. The lighthearted, fun brand is all about making Scotch whisky less stuffy. That’s why Monkey Shoulder + Joel McHale = a first date where everyone can let loose and laugh at themselves.

Monkey Shoulder is approachable and makes great cocktails

Courtesy of Monkey Shoulder

“In the very traditional and sometimes stuffy world of Scotch whisky, Monkey Shoulder encourages you to loosen things up a bit – break precedent; throw ice in it, mix it, make a piña colada. Basically stop being so precious and just enjoy good whisky in the way that makes you happy,” said Michael Giardina, Brand Director, Monkey Shoulder. “Now we’ve partnered with Joel McHale to bring that same outlook to dating. In a world where people often embellish to impress, we are encouraging people to drop the pretense, be their original selves, relax and have fun. Honestly, you don’t even need to thank us if you get a second date…just bring us to the wedding.”

So what’s going to happen? First, you’ll enter the contest here where you’ll be asked to write a 250-word or less essay describing your most pretentious date. Keep in mind that you’ll be judged based on originality, creative storytelling, overall impression of the narrative, and a clear dire need for a non-pretentious date. Once a winner has been decided a date will be set that will include a roast — and a roast. Yup, McHale will arrive prepared to cook or cater a roast dinner for the winner and one dinner companion while also “roasting” the couple in his classic comedic style. 

“It’s going to be an unpredictable night. I’m an extreme extrovert, so there’s a lot of fun to be had,” says McHale of the upcoming date. “There’s nothing worse on a first date than someone trying too hard – thinking they’ll impress someone they met on a dating app by dragging them to a ballet they aren’t interested in.

Wanna see what your date night crashed by McHale might look like? Well, he took his monkey business to the streets of New York with the help of the hard-to-miss Monkey Mixer, and stormed some of the city’s more cliched, try-hard date spots to convince a swooning couple to take a walk on the wild side with Monkey Shoulder. 

“A first date should be about forging a real, honest connection – kind of like the connection I have with my new friends at Monkey Shoulder. Together, we also want to bring this idea of honesty and spontaneity to first dates. And I’m willing to lead by example – by inviting myself along on your next date night to make it as fun and unpredictable as possible. I have some ideas I’ve been told are ‘bold,’ ‘wild,’ and ‘potentially unlawful’. It’s gonna be great!”

If you’re looking for a first date overhaul, this might be your moment. Head here to enter and for the official contest rules. Stay up to date on all things Monkey Shoulder (and how they’re using Joel’s fantastic complexion and bone-structure to disrupt the world of dating) via @MonkeyShoulderUS.

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