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Netflix Has A Great Summary On ‘Gundam Hathaway’ For Newcomers

‘Gundam Hathaway’ is worth checking out.


What with Gundam Hathaway released on Netflix back in July, it seems to have become quite popular on the streaming service. Something that has been followed up with a few helpful videos for newcomers to the Gundam mythos.

Over the past few weeks, the Netflix Anime channel has run a few videos on the background to Gundam Hathaway and its place in the overall timeline.

Moreover, it’s tried to give an insight into the film’s protagonist Hathaway Noa, and the events that have shaped him as a character.

After all, it’s the events in Char’s Counterattack that leave Hathaway psychologically scarred, and the experience of his father Bright Noa in the earlier part of the Gundam narrative that have inevitably placed Hathaway as the leader of Mafty.

The character breakdown video (shown below) also helps to shed light on the current state of Federation politics and the huge wealth inequality on Earth that has effectively birthed Mafty as an organization.

I still find it fascinating and bizarre how prophetic the original Hathaway’s Flash novels by Yoshiyuki Tomino were, and how accurate this movie adaptation is to them.

The fact this movie even exists is also something I never expected to happen and I will be interested to see how the other instalments pan out.

In the meantime, having Gundam Hathaway readily available to watch on Netflix is great and I am grateful the streaming platform has gone out of its way to explain some of the movie’s context to its viewers.

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