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‘PBB’ housemate Brenda Mage receives mixed reaction for inappropriate joke

The latest edition of “Pinoy Big Brother” is now hot topic on social media.

One of the show’s celebrity housemates, Brenda Mage, is making headlines.

Netizens are apparently disgusted with the comedian’s inappropriate joke as directed to co-housemate Eian Rances.

As seen in a live stream, Brenda asked Eian how he would react if he would touch his private part.

Brenda asked. “Paano ‘pag nag-inuman tayo ‘tapos paggising mo, hawak ko na, lasing ka?”

Eian replied: “Huwag naman ganun.”

But Brenda persisted.

“Paano ‘pag nalasing tayo? Tuloy o tigil?”

Eian answered, “Huwag naman ganun… Hawak mo na, anong tuloy o tigil?! Huwag kang ganun, masama yun kasi… hindi lang sa akin huwag mong gagawin yun.”

Then Brenda urged Eian to answer, relating: “Kaya nga, paano nga? Ako, na-carried away…”

Which forced Eian to draw the line.

“Ah, masisira yung ano natin noon… Tigil. Tigil. Magkakaupakan tayo. Ha-ha!”

But Brenda replied: “Okey lang, nabuhay naman ako nang wala ka.”

The clip was shared by online users on different social media platforms.

One wrote how Brenda was making Eian “uncomfortable.”

Other members of LGBTQ expressed disappointment, reiterating that Brenda’s action could backfire on their community.

Some then suggested that Brenda should be “force evicted” from the show.

“Even if it’s a joke, it’s not a good topic to talk about especially they’re inside the ‘PBB’ house.”

The video of Brenda exposing his six-digit income from YouTube and Facebook as an online content creator has been going viral also.

Apparently, the Kapamilya star shared to his co-housemates how he has been receiving P800,000 monthly income where 600,000 came from his Facebook page while the 200,000 from his YouTube channel.

Netizens reiterated in the comment section how such should be confidential.

They also teased how the Bureau of Internal Revenue is listening. Magne and Eian Rances&t=1635134110129&is_copy_url=0&sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6899657958931367426




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