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Peach Boy Riverside Season 2: Production Update and Release Date

Peach Boy Riverside Season 2 Production Update – Peach boy riverside is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Coolkyousinnjya which first came out in January 2008. The series is written by Coolkyousinnjya published by Neetsha in the magazine Weekly young VIP. The remake of the magazine was written by the original author but published in Kodansha in the magazine shonen magazine R and magazine pocket which came out in August 2015 with 10 volumes.

The series was directed by Shigeru Ueda in which the series was written by Keiichiro Ochi which came out on July 1, 2021, and ended on September 16 2021 with 12 episodes.

The series is based on the Japanese folktale Momotaro. The story is about a man who was born from a peach floating on a river who grows up to be the savior of his hometown after defeating demons called oni who comes knocking on the doorstep threatening the lives of everyone in the kingdom who are saved by a lone traveler named Kibitsu Mikoto who is the main character who slays these demons with the mysterious ”peach eye”.

Story of Peach Boy Riverside

Peach Boy Riverside Season 2 Cast

There was a princess named Saltorine Aldike or Sally who was on a journey to find the person named Kibitsu Mikoto. Traveling across the world she got to know about a lot of truths that she was ignorant about and knowledge about oni and the potential power of them to wipe out humanity.

While Sally encounters oni she has a strange power that she can resemble as a peach giving her superhuman abilities capable of defeating one but she does not discriminate between humans, Demi-humans, and oni because she believes that there could be a chance to attain peace between the three fractions. On the other hand, Mikoto who also has the same abilities as sally but with greater knowledge has a different goal.

Mikoto wants to kill and torment oni’s existence and would stop at nothing to get the job done. As Sally and Mikoto continue, the power they possess is about to become coexisting or annihilation of the oni.

About Peach Boy Riverside Season 2

As per the last update by Kodansha studio, Asahi production or any company related to the production of the Anime has not confirmed the peach boy riverside season 2 .

In this season Sally comes to terms with her powers and decides to travel further to a month-long journey to the Legedia was discrimination based on race is not allowed where she meets different kind of oni and try to make peace with them where roams who is a popular one is tracking Sally down who wants to take Sally’s head just to boost his popularity because she is a peach girl who could destroy all the oni. According to the writer, the chronological order of the Manga is not the same as the series because the series wouldn’t work if it had the Manga order which makes it less interesting and a lot far from the original work. Let’s hope for season 2 to come out soon.

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