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People Are *Not* Happy With This Miss World PH Question About A Woman Running For President

Last night’s Miss World Philippines coronation night went viral for many reasons: the program reportedly lasted for six hours, winner Tracy Perez fell onstage twice, and the show’s Question And Answer portion caused understandably intense reactions from viewers. 

Why is the Miss World Philippines Q&A going viral? 

During Shaila Rebortera‘s Q&A, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, one of the judges, asked: “The frontrunner in all the surveys for the post of president is a woman. If she were to ask you, should she run for president even if her children are very young, what advice would you give her?” 

Shaila, a doctor of Dental Medicine from Cebu, answered: “In the modern times right now, a woman is strong and brave in different ways. Other women are strong and brave because they sacrifice their career for their family and if our candidate would like to pursue becoming a president despite sacrificing time for their family in exchange of serving the Filipino people, then I would definitely support that. Thank you very much.” 

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Many Twitter users are calling the question sexist and misogynistic: After all, no one would ever think of asking a question like that about a man who’s running for president, more so in a competition that’s supposed to empower women. Some netizens also questioned why Harry Roque “laughed” after Shaila’s answer.

As of this writing, it is unclear whether Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque came up with the question or if it was given to him. 

Aside from Shaila’s Q&A, Michelle Arceo from Quezon City’s stand-out answer went viral as well when she was asked by judge Anna Vicente: “Would you rather live in a world without the pandemic or without corruption?”

“I would pick a world without corruption, because we’re surrounded by it every day and everywhere we look,” Michelle said. “It can really suffer the lives…people every day suffer from it and it can affect everyday people. If we can eradicate that, we can solve so many problems, and we can get through a pandemic easily the next time we go about it. We, the people, need to be taken care of. Thank you.” 

Shaila was crowned Miss Multinational Philippines 2021 while Michelle won Miss Environment International Philippines 2021. For the full list of Miss World Philippines 2021 winners, click here. 


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