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Philippines’ Martinez, Caluza end Finland tiff at tail end of rankings

Luisa Morales –

October 9, 2021 | 9:11am

Michael Martinez in Finlandia Trophy

Screenshot / PHSU

MANILA, Philippines — Philippine figure skaters Michael Martinez and Christopher Caluza couldn’t recover from a low-scoring short program and ended up at the tail end of the leader board after the men’s free skate in the 2021 Finlandia Trophy on Friday.

Martinez, who saw his first taste of action after a three-year layoff, ended up on top of Caluza at the 24th spot among 26 skaters with 156.78 total.

Caluza finished just a hair below him at 25th place with 156.24. Caluza was the one who incurred a penalty in the free skate as he fell in a triple loop attempt. 

Jason Brown ended up at the top spot with 262.52.

Russia’s Mikhail Kolyada and Dmitri Aliev took the second and third spots, respectively.

Meanwhile, Filipina Sofia Frank begins her campaign in the Finland tiff Saturday evening, Manila time.

Frank skates in the short program at 9:10 p.m. in Manila.

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