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Presenting: 8 New K-Dramas And Movies Coming To iQIYI

Hallyu fans, the final quarter of 2021 is going to be *extra* exciting with iQIYI’s lineup of K-dramas and movies! The leader of streaming entertainment in Asia is already chock-full of our all-time favorites (like A Werewolf Boy and Silenced), and it’s also consistent in providing us with new Korean content.

For the upcoming months, expect a roller coaster of emotions with iQIYI’s titles that are under the suspense, rom-com, and drama genre. Your favorite stars like Jun Ji Hyun, Ok Taecyeonand Wi Ha Joon are leading these shows, so that’s another reason for you to mark your calendars RN!

Here are the upcoming K-dramas and Korean movies on iQIYI for the final quarter of 2021:

1. Jirisan (October 23)

Who’s in it: Jun Ji Hyun, Ju Ji Hoon, Oh Jung Se, Sung Dong Il

The plot, according to iQIYI: “An experienced national park ranger (played by Jun Ji Hyun) and a rookie ranger (played by Ju Ji Hoon) uncover secrets on Jirisan together.”

2. Idol: The Coup (November)

Who’s in it: EXID’s Hani, Kwak Si Yang, Kim Min Kyu

The plot, according to iQIYI: “An idol group including Kim Je Na (played by EXID’s Hani) has been in the business for six years, but they remain unknown to many. Facing termination, they need to find success to overcome the crisis.”

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Courtesy of IQIYI

Courtesy of IQIYI

Courtesy of IQIYI

3. Let Me Be Your Night (November)

Who’s in it: Lee Jun Young, Jung In Sun

The plot, according to iQIYI: “The lead singer and producer (played by Lee Jun Young) of famous idol band LUNA suffers from sleepwalking. He works with a physician (played by Jung In Sun) who lives with the group to help overcome his condition.”

Courtesy of IQIYI

Courtesy of IQIYI

4. Royal Secret Inspector Joy (November)

Who’s in it: Ok Taecyeon, Kim Hye Yoon

The plot, according to iQIYI: “Set in the Joseon dynasty, a young and rich gourmet (played by Ok Taecyeon) who unwittingly becomes a secret royal inspector. He teams up with an unhappy wife seeking divorce (played by Kim Hye Yoon) on missions.”

5. Melancholia (November)

Who’s in it: Lee Do Hyun, Lim Soo Jung

The plot, according to iQIYI: “In a private high school, a math teacher (played by Lim Soo Jung) and a math genius student (played by Lee Do Hyun) break down tradition and bias in a beautiful but forbidden romance.”

6. Bad And Crazy (December)

Who’s in it: Lee Dong Wook, Wi Ha Joon

The plot, according to iQIYI: Corrupt supervisor Su Yeol (played by Lee Dong Wook) is only after promotions, but has to eradicate corruption in the police force. He encounters a maniac named K (played by Wi Ha Joon) who dreams of becoming a hero.”

Courtesy of IQIYI

Courtesy of IQIYI

7. The Man’s Voice (December)

Who’s in it: Song Ji Eun, Choi Tae Joon

The plot, according to iQIYI: “A part-time convenience store worker (played by Song Ji Eun) suddenly hears the voices of cats after a lightning strike. When an attractive first officer (played by Choi Tae Joon) asks her to take care of his cat, a romance full of fantasy blossoms.

Courtesy of IQIYI

Courtesy of IQIYI

8. Shark: The Beginning (TBA)

Who’s in it: Kim Min Seok, Wi Ha Joon

The plot, according to iQIYI: “Adapted from a webtoon, a victim of bullying at school (played by Kim Min Seok) is put into a juvenile correction facility after an accident. With help from a mixed martial arts champion (played by Wi Ha Joon), he confronts his own fears and pushes his limits.”

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